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Day 404– 16th January 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on January 16, 2010

Saturday – Osorno, Chile

A long hard day today, but I covered some ground at last 🙂

The plan was to be on the road by 8am or so but it was closer to 9am before we got away. Graham and Sue were staying another day and probably ride with Johannes and Jude. But I was intending to ride most of the way to Osorno, depending on wind conditions and traffic etc. The bike looked very clean after it was washed off of all the Atacama desert I had brought with me. I even had my riding gear washed while here, so I was clean and tidy for a change. The pannier looked as good as new as well , good job Paul 🙂 I even was given a farewell by the local bar dog 🙂

And not to mention Dani, my favorite cleaning lady 😉

So, Dave and I found our way onto the main Ruta 5 south and fueled up at the closest servo, here we parted ways as Dave was always going to be slower, I may see him further down the track, ciau.

Well, the road was smooth fast and nearly empty, so the bike could shake its head and it was not too long before it reached a major milestone 🙂

Yep, 50k miles but I had only done 47k, I needed to do another 3k before I reached the same milestone on this continent and bike. I pulled in for some tank and tummy at a place called Chillan and while having a feed a large group of riders turned up. They were a friendly bunch and invited me to a party down the road on the coast at Conception. I politely declined, it could have been fun but I had a goal in my head called Ushuaia, it seems everyone wants my photo lately, even chicas with kids(even though the kid was unimpressed) 🙂

Check out the art work on dickheads helmet! 😆

And just as I was leaving, who should turn up but Chris!

He had split up with Melissa the other day and was now heading south solo. We teamed up for the ride and kept on going south, a fast and peaceful ride, not a lot of scenery but today was distance day, in between stopping for all the bloody toll booths, there must have been about 15 of them!

Chris had done an oil change the day before and was now leaking oil, probably dirt on the oil filter gasket as the bike had not been washed for a while. We got involved in rain later on during the day, which was a bit annoying, but I guess it is normal for down here, I might as well get used to it.

After a number of fuel stops we eventually arrived in Osorno in the late afternoon. Now we had to go find some accommodation, which after some running around we found a nice place and after some negotiating, we got a decent price as well. There were no more single rooms, so we ended up with a family room, with a separate bedroom, which was OK. After checking email we went next door to a bar place and grabbed some beer and food. Now, we got Chilied here, because we asked about this particular style of steak, the girl said it was a very nice piece and not tough at all. Well, she bloody lied, I ended up not being able to eat it, lucky for me I had the eggs and chips to chew on, but the beer was drinkable! 🙂

I was considering staying another day here as it was quite cheap and had fast internet, but I would think about that tomorrow morning. I still had quite a few days to catch up on the blog and of course I had done nothing about it today, never mind, maybe in the morning I can rip one out!

Day – 441 miles and 710 km
Trip – 50,325 miles and 80,990 km



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8 Responses to “Day 404– 16th January 2010”

  1. Anthony said

    Nice going,just got myself some Aluminium panniers they are a bugger to fit. Nice pictures and stay safe.


  2. Hugh said

    Chile looks quite mod compared to the other South American places you’ve been, looks very much like Australia.
    Are you getting homesick?

    Take Care

  3. Bob Sullivan said

    I see from the close up at 50,000 miles (cograts) that you have an after market speedometer face. Probably the same as I have, that corrects the 8 percent optimism that Suzuki builds in.

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