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Day 415– 27th January 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on January 27, 2010

Wednesday – San Antonio Oeste, Argentina

A personal milestone reached today

I had an early start this morning after yesterday’s rest day, which was well worth it and much needed. Once I passed through the town I had a few small twisties to play with before I was on the long flat boring sections, into the wind again of course, or should I say still!

I only went a short distance before I pulled over and consulted my laptop, and I was not far off so it seems. I am alluding to the speedo reading and just up the road I reached 50,000 miles for me personally on this bike and on this double continent, that is over 80,000km, not a bad effort since April of last year 🙂

The mileage on the clock when I bought the bike from Tom, was 3082 miles, it was hardly run in then, but it is now 😉 The next few hours were just basically ride and listen to music and think about my plans ahead, not the next few days but the next few months, there was nothing else to do out here except fill up with fuel when you get a chance and ride 🙂

Around lunchtime I came to a green looking river valley and the town of Trelew, so I stopped for a nice lunch, although it was hard yakka trying to work out what to eat when no one speaks English and they have their own dialect of Castilian Spanish! But in the end I got some type of battered beef fillet chips and egg, a safe bet pretty much anywhere here and it was edible 🙂

If you are squeamish, don’t look at the next two photos. After lunch I headed out for more of the same, long straight roads and wind, but I came to a truck stop where I saw a pitiful sight, check this out if you are game!

They have been there for a fair while and were nearly mummified sort of, although they were still on the nose a bit, but I could see no real reason for them being here. I guess I will never ever know, what a shame, poor horses! Onwards for a while and then as I get closer to the coast I sense a wind change, it is still hitting me in the chest, but now it has swung around from a NW to a NE, so I guess the afternoon sea breeze has kicked in, but with a strong wind warning thrown in! But, I did not have far to go, only another 50km or so and I was in the town of San Antonio Oeste.

Mind you I may have made a mistake because it took a while to find a hotel with parking and internet, but I did find one after riding around the crazy one way street system, with many road works and detours. And of course it was expensive, but what the heck, I am here now!

It had been warming up a lot since I came up the coast and it was a scorcher outside. Lucky the room had aircon 🙂 I could not find any food of course because they don’t open until later, so I found a corner shop with an outside table and a big beer and watched the chicas go by 🙂

After observing for a while I noticed something different from the other SA countries I have been though. It seems that camel toe country is nearly over, although not quite over and we are now definitely into thong land 🙂 I will try and back this observation up with some photos if I don’t get arrested 😉 When it got dark the food shops started to open as it had now cooled down, so I managed to get myself another beer and a hamburger which was great and my new found friend liked the leftovers as well 🙂

Mind you, he was only my friend until I showed him empty hands, then he left, very short memories dogs! 🙂 I did some net stuff, basically confirming a few things I needed to do in the future before crashing out quite early for a change. Tomorrow I was planning another medium day and I should get to BA by Friday late or Saturday. Mind you, all plans need to be modified and knowing now what was going to happen to me tomorrow, it is lucky I am flexible!

Day – 460 miles and 740 km
Trip – 53,430 miles and 85,987 km



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7 Responses to “Day 415– 27th January 2010”

  1. Bob Sullivan said

    You’ve mentioned the possibility of selling your V Strom in Argentina. Many Latin American countries require you to exit the bike as well as yourself from the country when your visa runs out. Is that not the case in Argentina?

  2. ybg said

    Congrats on the new milestone. 50K again is no small feet. Or is that feat, féte, foot, fart. 😉

  3. Jack Chomley said

    Richard, No chicas in pic!!!!

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