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Day 417– 29th January 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on January 29, 2010

Friday – Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Not much happened today, I managed to scrape myself out of bed in time for a late breakfast before hitting the sack again.

Late in the afternoon, evening I went for a wander around the area, make sure my bike was OK at the offsite parking place and went to the same place for dinner again. The only thing of note that happened was a sandstorm that hit around 8pm, it also came with a cold wind which was sort of nice after the hot day. Tomorrow I ride north to BA, or if I get tired a small town on the outskirts, we shall see what happens.

OH, by the way, if there is anyone from Rockhampton reading this that is or knows someone who is travelling to Brisbane in the next few weeks, I have some stuff I need taken down and would appreciate some help.

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 53,572 miles and 86,216 km



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6 Responses to “Day 417– 29th January 2010”

  1. JayhawkNavy02 said

    Truly awesome, you embody what it means to own an adventure bike.

    Read about this on Stromtrooper and I’ll be checking back.

    Keep is motivated and best of luck on your journey!

    Be safe and keep the rubber side down!


  2. Fernando Caba said

    Hello Richard, congratulations for the nice trip around the world, amazing, no doubt! I am an enthusiast off the two wheels world. My last bike was a Yamaha super Tenere 750, with it i travel to Usuhaia in 1999 (you have several same photos in your blog than i take that time!!) Besides, your ride a similar way than me in that trip.
    I´m living in Bahia Blanca, where i saw your bike and knew about (i saw at the offsite park hotel at Chiclana Street).
    Happy riding around the world!!!

    PD: remenber, its Bahia Blanca, not Bahai Blanca (sorry about the correction)

  3. carl said

    Hi m8, you should have posted the help wanted on sunday. The inlaws went down to brisbane yesterday and the boss went down today. Email me with what you want taken down and i will see what i can do. Stay verticial.

    • Hi Carl, thanks m8, I had been a bit busy so forgot to ask the question until the other day.

      I Have had a reply from Toony, so it may be sorted. I just need to find out the delivery point and get that end sorted out. I will keep you in mind in case this falls through.


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