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Day 419– 31st January 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on January 31, 2010

Sunday – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Just a note here. I will be here in Buenos Aires for a week or so and will not be updating the blog every day, just maybe when/if something happens that is unusual or I get bored or whatever

Basically today I started to strip the bike down of things I wanted to keep. Stephen the potential buyer turned up around midday and went for a ride, he seems happy and the deal may go through. The bike he had originally intended to buy was involved in a crash and is useless and the rider still in hospital 😦 After the test ride, I just proceeded to strip it right down of all the hardware and panels. Most of the aftermarket electronic addons that I had installed, like heated grips, chain oiler, fusebox, power points etc I intend to send to Brisbane ready to be installed in my bike there.

As today was a Sunday, it was a quiet day, but the supermarket was open later on, so that allowed me to buy some tucker and beer 🙂 Work stopped during the evening and beer was consumed until all hours. There is no real rush as I found I needed some of the original bike parts from the US, plus I also needed to do a few repairs and those parts need to be ordered as well 🙂

Day –0 miles and km
Trip – 54,042 miles and 86,972 km



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11 Responses to “Day 419– 31st January 2010”

  1. Kevin said

    After your epic journey you deserve a little R & R. Thanks again for sharing. Can you let me know what Richard’s (the UK guy)blog site is I think he and his wife are still on the road.

  2. Mightywizard said

    I bet he’s the guy who bought Annette s ( the New Zeland britsh canadian girl, ) bike and back off couple days saing the bike was no good, if you sell it run run run lol

  3. Robert said

    Hi Richard,
    glad to see you are safe and sound.
    I have been away for 2 weeks and have just read all the
    updates from your blog.
    looks like the last week has been very tough, but you have masterd it and everything else.
    way to go Richard, excellent Blog, the Strom sounds and looks like a great bike.
    When are you going home ?
    keep safe

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