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Day 440 – 21st February 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on February 21, 2010

Sunday – San Diego, USA

Another tourist day today and for those interested I have added a new page up top with links to other peoples web pages, those that I met on the road

Another early start today, we were going to see some bikes 🙂 It did not look like nice weather to be out there though, I am glad I was in the car for a change, cold and wet, not my favourite combination although the twisties east of SD looked inviting.

Once on the other side of the range it started to clear up, we did stop once to check out some iron sculptures in the middle of nowhere, but there was a freezing wind, so it was only a quick stop. There were heaps of these sculptures, lots of horses as well as other animals, this eagle has caught a rattlesnake.

Not long after this we got to Borrego Springs, a small village which is used for the base of the rally which started yesterday and encompasses lots of dirt trails and some paved joining sections. Craig had said it is not a track for the Vstrom, but I reckon if a GS can do it, so can the strom, although the soft sand and mud would not be fun!

One of the chaps had some problems, one of the reasons Craig turned up is he knows most of them and brought the ute in case of one needing a lift. This bloke had some cloth stuck in his rear brakes, it seems his fleece track pants which were on the rear rack came loose and had been chewed up over a period of time, not much left once the bits were extracted!

Rather than take panniers or throw over bags, a lot of the riders take day jackets, which have a number of pockets with which to hold tools, tucker, radios and other needed items, quite neat.

The reason we turned up was to meet some of the riders and to participate in a BBQ lunch provided by the local fire brigade, well done chaps 🙂

One of the riders had actually competed in an earlier Dakar and the bike still looked like it, with its extended fuel tanks, modified battery cover and tool box down low and it even had some neat ideas on how to carry spares cable ties and levers!

After a lazy lunch, where I met some nice people, we headed off back home a different way following some of the riders for a short way until they took the dirt turnoff! After that we stopped for a quick photo session of a stone Yeti with a small dick 😉 😆

Once back home I managed to catch up on a few days blog during the evening and also had dinner with John, the news editor from the local TV station, it was nice to meet him again 🙂

Day –0 miles and km
Trip – 54,042 miles and 86,972 km



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15 Responses to “Day 440 – 21st February 2010”

  1. Al & Ann said

    Ann and I were through Borrego Springs friday 2-19 on our way to visit a friend at Lake Morena who recently crashed his Harley and broke his leg, too bad we didn’t know you were going to be there on monday, we could have made it there the same day and had a chat.

  2. GrahamD said

    “After that we stopped for a quick photo session of a stone Yeti with a small dick”

    Harrdy Har Har Very good 🙂


  3. Bruce in WA said

    M8, turns out I will be in Albany on the 8th and 9th, with a couple of riders from the Perth “Two Wheels” forum. Love to see you, probably on the Tuesday IF you’re free. No pressure, just if … if you email me at the address I have to give in this post, I’ll send you my mobile phone number, or you can give me yours and we can try to hook up for beer … or scotch … or brandy … or Queensland diesel … or gin … or …. 😉



  4. GrahamD said

    Hey TS



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