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Day 441 – 22nd February 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on February 22, 2010

Monday – Salt Lake City, USA

The first thing to do today was to hurry up and wait 😦 By this I mean I was down at the DMV just after 8am and then proceeded to wait in line which was already around three corners of the building.

When I finally got to the front I take the usual wait ticket and sit around for about an hour or so and then when I finally get to the counter I find there is nothing he can do. It is sort of a negative bit of good news though as apparently my title replacement was processed on the Saturday just past and now I just have to wait 3 weeks or so!!! It has already been in process for a month, but there is nothing I can do here except leave it in Craig’s safe hands 🙂 So, back at the house I packed all my gear and Craig dropped me off at the airport where I took a flight to Salt Lake City.

As I went north I could see the cold appearing and the frozen lakes on the way, as well as strange round patterns which I think are irrigation sprinklers and not long after this I landed just on dusk in SLC.

So, I met up with Tombstone again, thanks for the lift and went and met the rest of the family again, nice to re meet you all 🙂 There was a new member of the family as Tiffany was pregnant last time and now Ryker was 8 months old and getting up to mischief and was the major entertainment factor:)

Day –0 miles and km
Trip – 54,042 miles and 86,972 km



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2 Responses to “Day 441 – 22nd February 2010”

  1. Jerry Lustig said

    Yes, Irrigation. The fields are planted in a circle, water comes up in the center to a rotating coupling and is supported on several sets of pillars/tracks to the far edge. When water is flowing to the sprinkler heads some is routed through “water engines” that propel the tracks rotating the whole mess around the center point.

    In the midwest and east, where I am from, the fields are rectangular and there is no piviot point. A flexible hose, from a ground connection 50% up the side connects to the sprinkling mecanism, It moves in a straight line and once passed the center drags the hose. I think that makes much better use of the land but what do I know. Maybe the west can afford to waste large areas that go unplanted.

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