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Day 443 – 24th February 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on February 24, 2010

Wednesday – Las Vegas, USA

The glitter of the strip and Safe Sax in the street, my first night in Las Vegas!

On the road again today and what a good time to leave SLC, it was snowing, lightly but it was also very windy and cold as I got a lift down to pick up the hire car, thanks once again to Tiffany and Ryker 🙂

Once the car was packed it was farewell to Ken & Beverly, thanks a bunch for putting me up, I appreciate your help and hope to see you down under one day 🙂 The road south was pretty fast, even with the snow storm, but I was a tad careful in case of ice and even pulled over once just to write my name in the snow, a bit cold for that caper though 😉

The snow lasted for a few hours until just before the Arizona border where there were some twisties, where’s me bike!

I arrived in Las Vega late afternoon and found the address quite easily, I was staying with one of my internet friends, but we had never met, just communicated for the past 10 years online 🙂 There were a few things happening so we went out for an early dinner first off at a Vietnamese place, Sara ordered and the food was great, very filling as well 🙂 Here is AltF4 with the new family member Grace 🙂 And me with the rest of the family from left to right Amanda, Michael, McKenzie, AltF4, Grace, Me, Sara

Of course I found a new beer to sample, this one was OK and gets a pass mark 🙂

After the dinner, the kids went back home with Sara while AltF4 took me for a tour of the night lights around the strip. I recognised a few of the buildings, probably from the movies over the years. But, we were headed to the original part of town, this was where the first casino was built and about 10 years ago, they remodelled this area to bring back the people, who had all gone to the strip for the glitz. This is called Fremont Street and has an enormous covered mall with LED’s covering the inside surface. They have a lot of displays happening on this roof and AltF4 used to work and design some of the shows in the past. I have inserted a small movie to give some idea of the show.

We wandered around here for a while checking out the scenery, I even got sucked into a photo opportunity 🙂

After I bought some souvenirs we headed to a local place which has a small brewery inside, outside they have some carriages that were used by Bill Cody, who has a town named after him, I was there last year 🙂

So we tried a beer each and had a rest while looking around. Up on the wall I see a beer named after my old mate Shayne and not to be outdone they even named one after me, they must have heard about my reputation eh 🙂

After visiting the dunnies I found they had a big piece of the Berlin Wall with the urinals on it, very fitting 🙂

Heading back to Fremont Street we dropped into a hotel/casino which has a large aquarium, nothing wrong with that except it has sharks in it AND a water slide goes right through the tank, that could be a bit nerve wracking!

Back in the mall area was a friend of Alts called Carl “Safe Sax” Ferris, he has been playing here nearly every night for about 10 years and was part of the effort to bring people back to this area. He was an excellent player and even gave me two of his albums on CD, thanks a lot. ( I listened to these later on and they were excellent, I love listening to Sax) I inserted a small movie so you get some idea of his skill.

After staying here for a while, we headed off and did a run through the glitzy strip where apparently in one town you can see the world. That was a cryptic comment on one of my blog pages, but now I understand what he meant 🙂

And just to finish the night off a photo at the famous sign at the entrance to the city, which I missed earlier on 😉

Then a few more beers back at the house before crashing out a bit late.

Day –0 miles and km
Trip – 54,042 miles and 86,972 km



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6 Responses to “Day 443 – 24th February 2010”

  1. Carl said

    Hi Rich, nice pix of vegas m8 and i love the sound of the sax,ijust finished watching a bit more of him on utube and your right he is good.glad to see you got back safe and sound and in one piece. i’ll give stan a ring and get your mobile number and give you a call. see ya soon.

    • Hi Carl

      Yes he is good and I have two CD’s of him 🙂

      I will send you an email with my mobile, I will be on the road from tomorrow I hope heading west, I will probably need a snorkle 🙂

      Cheers TS

  2. ziggy said

    Nice to see that you finally got a chance to hook-up with alt, and see the sin-city, up close. You looked good with that broad. LOL

    You take it easy out west, ya here..!

    Hi alt..!

  3. beastie said

    Well done, well done. Safe-saxer sounded good. enjoy Rich.

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