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Snag Short Of A BBQ?

Well, you decide after reading the following

For a start, without attempting to insult anyone, I am a non believer in any type of god or supreme being, heaven, hell or anything in between, I am actually an antagonistic agnostic 🙂 My opinion that has grown over a number of years, is that the only problems this world has is a belief in religion, mainly that ‘my’ god is better than ‘yours’ and to prove it I am going to wage war on you and your god. If there was a ‘god’ he should sack and outlaw all religions and the people who preach that drivel, then the world would be a better place! So, that is why I have a belief in science based fact and modern interpretations show a difference in opinion between university taught science and actual fact based science, in a number of areas.

On the 21st December 2012, the Mayan Prophecies says the end of the 5th age will occur, or more likely the beginning of a new age. Here is a link that explains everything.

Over the past 15 years or so I have been interested in some great investigation and exploration texts that have put fresh interpretations on existing information. It all started with a book by Graham Hancock called – Fingerprints of the Gods Basically this text went into great depth to show that there are quite a few things that happened in our past which are extremely unusual. The evidence was presented quite well and there was one photo that stuck in my mind. This was a map of the Antarctic continent that was produced in the 1500s called the Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532 . It showed the land mass under 3kms of ice!!! This map or chart was produced a long time before America was discovered.

So, anyway it sounded quite convincing and I read quite a number of books along this type of theme, including the Orien Mystery, Keeper of Genesis etc.

So, over the past few years I have been planning on doing a Round The World trip. The reason for doing so is a combination of a number of factors.

I was bored with the rut I was in. You know, mortgage, good job etc but single with no plans in the wind to change this.

A good friend had a car smash and lost a lot of leg function and over a drink or two or many, we came to the conclusion that if you want to do something, do it now, or it may be too late!

I am an avid reader (kookiness alert) of both Science Fiction and other fiction books, as well as a belief in some of the fact books that are becoming more prevalent over the past number of years. Quite a few of these have been written by self proclaimed scientists who do not believe all that is taught by regular universities and have either taught themselves, or studied certain subjects with a totally different viewpoint. I have never followed the mainstream beliefs in anything, so this appealed to me 🙂

So, if I needed any type of excuse to go for a ride around the world, then the fact that there may not be a world as it is today in 2012, seemed like as good a reason as any 🙂

So, the above are the main reasons why I am doing what I am doing. If I waited another 10 years until I could maybe retire, this trip would be a lot more difficult physically. I am still young enough and agile enough to pick up my bike when it gets dropped, I have proven that already. If the world does not end in 2012, then I will have seen a lot of the world and enjoyed spending my savings in a way I wanted to. Also, on the 22nd December, if the world has not ended, is my mums birthday, so I will always have a few bucks held back to buy her a present 😉

So, it has taken me a while to write this page, over the space of about 10 months, now it is up to you to decide if I am a snag short of a BBQ, or whether what I believe has some truth based on facts. There is a lot of reading out there and as you should realise, not everything on the net is absolutely accurate and some people have a private agenda in misinformation. My own belief has been building over a long period of time and those books that have been printed actually do have facts in them, it is whether you believe in the authors interpretation that counts 🙂

I am not a doomsday artist, but believe the world as we know it will not be the same on the 22nd December 2012 and it will not all happen at once, but a general and gradual buildup in world events culminating on that date!


25 Responses to “Snag Short Of A BBQ?”

  1. ybg said

    No worries. We all have our BBQ’s to bare. The origins of BBQ comes from the French term “From Beard to Tail” (Barbe et Que). So if you’re a snag short, again no worries.

    And for the morning of December 22nd 2012; the sun will rise and life will carry on.

    Le tour sur, le reste du monde vous attend. ça roule


  2. Mum said

    Well, I hope ‘life will carry on’ — I would like to celebrate a few more birthdays on the 22nd December…

  3. GrahamD said

    Well according to a few NoN Mayan Prophecies the next decade or two will see a change in the way we conduct our affairs.

    This is all fact based as to the causes, there are multiple, it is up to people to either listen to the facts and deal with reality in a sensible way or let reality deal with them as nature intended, which is not exactly the way most people would like to be dealt with.

    In the scheme of things 2012 is probably neither here nor there but the next couple of decades will see the beginnings of a long term change.

    I come from a different branch of agnosticism, the Militant branch and of course mine is better than yours so it looks like we will be blowing raspberries at 10 paces. The winner gets to eat the sausage 🙂

    Which just sounds way to ghay so I am going now….


  4. Hugh said

    I have not seen the movie yet, only the trailers…..does it have a happy ending?

    But good onya, any excuse for a ride is a good one!


  5. dale purcell said

    G’day Richard,
    Welcome home . I can agree with your view on things. I often wonder if all these gods do exist, who are they & where are they,and, do they communicate with each other. All of the religious fanatics seem to beleive that their god is the only one.

    Can’t all be right.

    I myself beleive in Karma & after reading a few books on the Dalai Lama & Buhddism it appeals to me as the only form of “religion” that makes sense to me. I have read about other religions & can’t see anything there.

    I certainly think your attitude to life is a lesson to anyone who feels like getting on with life & getting out of a rut.

    You must be doing something right because I’d bet there are a lot of people out there very envious of what you have done & would like to have the “get up & go” to do it themselves.

    Take care & look forward to your next journey. Start before 22/12/2012 though

  6. Donunder said

    Hi TS,
    The Mayans believed that in the last five years of each “age”, severe climatic upheavals occurred,caused by the planet’s “re-aligning” itself. The ongoing severe weather conditions globally since 2008 would seem to bear this out with floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis caused by the shifting of tectonic plates of a never before seen magnitude. (Think Katrina, Bandah Aceh, the Turkish Chinese Haitian and Chilean quakes.) The recent earthquake off Chile was so powerful it knocked the Earth off its axis by six millimetres, something never recorded before. If the ancients are correct, the planet is winding up for its once every twenty five thousand years climax, and we’ll be in for many more intense and severely damaging weather occurences as we approach 2012. As I write this, Queensland is suffering through its worst flooding in over a century, and Melbourne had a hail storm of unbelieveable ferocity three days ago resulting in tremendous property damage. Coincidence?

  7. Victor said

    Hi Richard. We are all envious of your adventure. Some of us need our jobs to raise our families or pay our debts etc. So we have many short adventures and rides. For me, raising children has been an epic adventure/journey.
    I agree religion has caused trouble throughout the world, but agnostics have caused wars also. It’s just the nature of man to fight. It’s not the nature of God. It seems that you have a measure of love in your heart for your fellow man, yet you say you don’t believe in God. God has selfless holy outgoing love for us, but does not force anything on anyone.

    Those “great theologians” and “prophets” who are saying 2012 is the climax, will be proved wrong in early 2013. God will not be outsmarted by man. When man reacts violently to opposing doctrines or religions, it’s because he idolizes his religion. Idols are false gods, and the world and churches are full of them. That’s why I can say 2012 is not the end because God will judge the religions, and churches, well before He judges the world.

    The Jews say they are God’s chosen race yet they hate and kill their neighbours and teach their children to despise them. That is going to take more than 19 months to sort out. If the world saw them loving their neighbours in a caring gentle manner, then we might believe that God is with them, because that would be a dynamic miraculous turnaround.

    Many will keep praying that you have a safe journey, including your mum I bet, and we look forward to the next edition of your journal. Victor

    • Hi

      You make some good points, but then so did a few others earlier 🙂

      I will keep travelling when I can but will be dependant on myself and my planning, or lack of, to see me through.

      Cheers TS

  8. Jan Ferrari said

    Hi Richard, I will only say that you are a long time dead and others have predicted worlds end over and over. Live life to the fullest, enjoy what you do and be happy. I have loved every minute of reading your travel diary and look forward to more.

    • Hi Jan

      We are all dying from the moment we are born, so I intend to have some fun on the way, I would rather have memories of what I did, than non-memories of what I shoulda done!

      Cheers TS \

  9. The Tomcat said

    Howdy from Texas!

    Richard, it was a pleasure sharing some of your adventure with you in South Dakota. I have been following your ride ever since. Great stuff. In meeting you I decided you are a great human being in general. If more people traveled and shared themselves with others and spread some happiness maybe we (mankind) wouldn’t worry about the end of the world. Maybe we would just be content with living in the one we have.

    Glad to see you are home and I can’t wait for the next installment.

    The Tomcat

    • Hi Tomcat

      It was nice to meet you and ride with you to the centre of the nation, not many people get to do that 🙂 I had, as you know, intended to ride back up to Texas and go to New Orleans with you, but time and money ran out, oh well, better luck next time, maybe you can fly down here for a ride 🙂

      I as always, will do my own thing, my own way, hopefully having fun along the way.

      Cheers TS

    • Hi friend!

      Have you ever seen something so great and amazing? Check it out, it is really cool

      Thanks for your consideration, TravellingStrom

  10. zundapp (troy) said

    howsitgoin ts

    I dig the 2012 mayan forecast and must say I fully agree, I’m about to turn 39 and intend to be in the air on my way o/s for that.

    I got your reply via horizons which led me to your site and must say I’m impressed, we have a similar need for adventure, and aversion to mortgage etc (I am settling my house right now so as soon as money in account I’m out of here).

    I’m about to head to south america then to europe and asia after that, I’ve decided to not ship bikes but buy and sell as I go. I’m researching as much as poss online so gonna troll your site but if ya got time to give me any quick advice for south america it would be greatly appreciated.

    good onya fella

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