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Archive for March 5th, 2010

Day 451 – 5th March, 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on March 5, 2010

Friday – Broken Hill, New South Wales

I missed Peter leaving as I slept in, but heard him take off, thanks for putting me up and nice to catch up again, until next time 🙂 I got packed and was about to leave in the rain and then spent the next ¾ hour trying to find the damm house keys, I had them a short while back to unlock the garage. I found them in the end, lucky for me and then as I mentioned left in the rain, yuck and this continued for ages and once again I saw standing water and flowing creeks which are normally dry. I hoped the rain events did not cause any bad flooding to block my progress as I hate backtracking, but I may have to do that at some time.

The rain sort of eased around Nyngan but it was still a bit cool and blustery. The showers continued on and off all day through to Cobar, where we had our first Vstrom gathering and got better and worse as I continued west, I even spotted flocks of Emu out here, but they get moving pretty fast when you slow down for a photo session!

It has been blowing quite hard from the west, so I seemed to be chewing fuel at a higher rate than normal and although I had the extra jerry can with 5 litres, I tried to not use it, so I was glad when I rolled into here.

Once I was full again it was continue west into more occasional rain showers, there were lots of goats on the road and off and eventually I started to run into flood waters, not what I wanted to see this far from anywhere!

Just after this I spotted a small group of riders stopped so I checked to see if they were OK. No they weren’t OK, the Cagiva had a major computer stuff up and was toast, but they already had someone going into Broken Hill for a truck. I hope they got home OK, they were not part of the Ulysses group but another rally. They did say the water gets deeper later on and when I got to that area, I could see it was a bit faster across the road, so I ended up getting wet feet again as I stood up on the pegs!

After the water I could see that the rains had done some good, lots of green for a change and after an hour or so I saw the headgear at Broken Hill sticking up above the horizon and I was glad to make it this far as well, it had been a long day 🙂

I went to the same pub as I had stayed at before and they are Ulysses members, so I got a small discount 🙂

While unpacking and later in the bar, I was chatting with some other travellers, they it seems were here to do a run on the salt lakes to do some speed tests with an electric bike 🙂 One of the chaps was the mechanic and the other the electrician and they hope for a 200kmh top speed during the week long event, a shame I was in a hurry to go west, this could have been interesting. They opened up the van and showed me the bike, a bank of batteries where the motor normally is and a large electric motor as well. The electric bikes do not have a clutch, it is instant power and max torque, I would love to have a go at one of these one day 🙂 You can tell by the back tyre, it is very easy to smoke this thing up 🙂

After a great dinner and a couple of beers, it was off to bed for me, I wanted an early start as I had another longish day ahead. I was not sure of the target, but probably somewhere in South Australia near the middle somewhere.

Day –979 km and 608 miles
Trip –1,595 km and 991 miles



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