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Archive for May 21st, 2012

Farewell Montenegro, Hello Croatia

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 21, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Check out the view from our apartment, it was great, slept good and although we made some noise, we could not scare anybody up until around 9 for brekky!

Once we had eaten we headed around the lake. We would be working our way north and grabbing a few caches along the way and enjoying the ride. The first one we came to we needed a boat, it was next a church that had been built on a man made island, it is the on to the right in this picture, we did not attempt this one, bikes don’t float!

It was a bit slow going due to traffic, but we were soon being booked out of Montenegro, I liked my time here, a great little country 🙂 Then we were stamped into Croatia where what greeted us was about 10km of really crap dirt and loose gravel road, a few slippery moments and I can say it was not fun! It reminded me or my entry into Guatemala, at the Belize border the road turned to crap.

It was a good learning curve though because it gave both of us a chance to view each others riding ability and we both proved competent. Anthony had mentioned that Dubrovnic is supposed to be nice so we made that our first goal, we may decide to pull up there for the day, who knows, see what happens, if there is a lot to explore. It was only a short way up the road and we soon spotted it from the heights, with a massive fortress and walls for old time protection, and the new town spread out and around. But, we could get right inside, which was way cool, but first I had a cache in mind and we jagged the parking location and found that in very short order 🙂 Then we stopped for lunch right next to the old walls, parking was a bit rough, I hate trying to ride up tall kerbs and nearly knocked someone over waiting for a bus because I got a bit out of shape, with no Green card on me either!!!

That was the weirdest pizza I have had, we took the choice with egg, and it had an egg on it all right, slightly different to what I was expecting 😉

Anyway, during lunch we decided it was going to be too expensive, we had checked out rooms, but most were over 40Euros, outside of our budget, so we continued north where we had some great fun amongst the fast sweepers of this great coast road 🙂 It soon turned inland a bit and this is where I had picked another cache to find, this is on top of a hill and just a short detour off the highway, great views from up top and a training course for Ant to teach him how to use this GPS, the Garmin Montana, but we had success once again before heading back down the steep hill and back to the main road 🙂

We had planned on getting to the town of Split, but as we made our way north, we knew that was a bit far especially getting caught behind lines of cars behind trucks on the twisties, and decided to keep our eyes open for a place to stay as we rode on. Every little village had heaps of signs about rooms for rent, so it was just a matter of finding the right place. It was around 6pm that we dropped down into the village of Gradac and as we rode down the twisty roads, nearly every building had signs about rooms, but after a look right down at the small harbour, that was where we found a great room with a great view, cheap and with wifi, what more could you ask for 🙂

Well, what more could you ask for indeed!

We had a few of those, we were still meeting each other and had a great feed next to a nice view, a great time was had by all, that means both of us 🙂

Cheers from Croatia

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