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Nan Loop 2 With A Double Spike

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 29, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Sunday 28th October

After last nights effort I am glad I decided to stay ‘home’ for the day as I was feeling a tad fragile. Fair enough, that gave me some time to work on some routes for the next day and do some blogging. I felt a lot better by lunchtime and I decided on pizza. Now, I could not find this pizza joint that was supposed to be near here, so I gave Tony a buzz at Tony’s Place and he home delivered me a Hawaiian and a coke, quite cheap too and tasted bloody great 🙂

The afternoon was more of the same, it was quite hot outside so I made use of the aircon. For the evening I decided I was well enough for a walk and checked out another place near here for dinner, called Nan’s Steakhouse. I had a choice of heaps of steaks, in the end though I chose Ostrich with garlic butter and chips, washed down with a Singhe of course 🙂

It was not very busy here for a Sunday, but I only wanted the one beer, tomorrow I had some riding to do, so it was an early night for me 🙂


Monday 29th October

After the rest day I was raring to go and since I found out the Hot Bread was open at 7am I was down there around half 7 and having a very nice omelette on toast with juice and tea. I could not get away though because the police presence was huge and I was told to move my bike. It seems they were clearing the streets because the Princess was leaving town via this way, so I moved my bike, and just like all the school kids I waited to see what was going on. I found out later that she was in the white car behind the cop car, but the rest of her entourage was massive!!! I took one photo and was then told by a copper no photos, lucky for me he did not see the video camera I had going eh 😉



There were a lot of cars and troops in all those vehicles, it must be a nightmare having to clear the streets all the time, but there seem to be enough police to do it. So, here is today’s route, I start in Nan and head south on the 101, then turn left on the 1162 until I find a viewpoint, there was none that I could see. I continue on and turn south on the 1243 and go to the end of the bitumen, or near there, do a u-turn and come back to the previous junction and head north on the 1143 before heading east on the 1168 which also turns to dirt after about 20km or so. Turn back around here and go back to the 1243 and turn north and eventually follow this back to the Amazing GH. That seems like a plan so I head off and after passing some smoky 2 strokes it was only a short run down to the 1162 turn where I crossed the river and started to find some curvy bits of road 🙂

A short while into this stage I was peacefully minding my own business riding the sweeping curves when all of a sudden this wanker decides to overtake on a corner, frickin dickhead!!! The problem is from what I have heard, it is not a good idea to flip the bird, because a lot of people have guns and can either hunt you down or pass on the info to someone else and one day you may find yourself being bumped into a ditch!! So, this is not the bird OK 😉

After that little scare I found the 1243 junction, despite it being nearly overgrown,and found myself riding through more rice fields and after that it did not take long for this road to deteriorate, and there were even some leftover landslips which will take some work to prop back up!

The worst part was the shady patches, a lot of the potholes were unseen by me until too late as they were in the shade 😦 The loose slippery hairpins were not so nice either, but I got to the village and turned around and went back. All along here amongst the hills they were harvesting corn, they then pack the cobs into bags and leave them on the side of the road where I guess eventually a truck will come and take them to market somewhere. They also have wood chippers which turn the corn stalks to mulch material which is all good. BUT, they then proceed to burn it, why bother chipping it in the first place, it seems a real waste of effort and fuel and of course it fills the air with dense smoke. I believe the government is trying to change this burning attitude, but they need to do more on the ground. It was still pleasant to ride this road though, they had some nice views along the way 🙂

After stopping at a small store for a cold drink I continued to the 1243 where I turned north and headed for the next junction where I was then heading towards the Laos border area. This road also changes to dirt at the end and although it seemed to be OK, I have already planned the route without dirt sections this time, not riding by myself at any rate. There were some great views up that way 🙂

Once I got to the small village at the end I was hoping to get some lunch, but the small stalls I stopped at said no cooked food, just the usual biscuits and chips on offer, so I turned back where the road narrowed to a small concrete track and headed for the 1243 again. There was what seemed to be a school and hospital complex at the village with a large banner showing a multitude of nations flags, but I have no idea what it is for! ❓

Down at the junction I turned north and I soon found a small town where I cruised up and back along the main drag looking for tucker, and found it, the staple noodles and meat in a soup, it goes down well though 🙂

From here it was an easy smooth ride home, with a great rice paddy view at one point as well as some more sweeping curves through the wooded hills.

I got back around 3pm and I was very hot and sweaty, so a nice cold shower was on the cards and some aircon as well 🙂 It was a great days ride and I went up and down the hills and mountains so many times I was getting dizzy, check out the elevation plot of the days ride. Although there were no real tall mountains, the amount of climbs and descents is what makes it fun, all the up and downness and the views of course 🙂

After a well earned rest I headed out for some dinner. Now, the other day when I was looking for the pizza joint, I stumbled across a small place where I bought some noodle stuff before they closed. There was another place in my POI’s that I looked for today called BB 49 Steakhouse and funnily enough I noticed the other night one of the people working in the kitchen wearing a Tshirt with that logo, but figured it was an old shirt. But no, when I checked the location tonight it was exactly where I had eaten, but I never saw any sign, real weird ❓ Anyway, I ventured back and looked a bit more closely and found the problem, the light was glaring off the banner across the front entrance so I never noticed it, if you squint just right you can read it 😉

I had heard good reports about this place and it lived up to expectations once I had seen the menu, a large selection of steaks is on offer, including crocodile and ostrich as well as the usual beef, pork and chicken. I selected pork steak in BBQ sauce with chips and it came on a sizzling hot plate straight from the grill, and was delicious.

I only had the one beer with dinner as tomorrow I had another ride planned, so it was an early night after watching another episode of The Event, a cool series 🙂

Cheers from Nan

2 Responses to “Nan Loop 2 With A Double Spike”

  1. 2wheels said

    Howdy Richard,

    It is risky giving them ‘The Bird’; guys gave been shot and killed for doing so.
    I’m glad you only gave a friendly wave and excused yourself for taking up his road space.
    Scary though to contemplate just how precarious life can be.

    I think those flags are the flags of the ASEAN countries.
    Quite a few school in the north fly them.

    And the massive amount of pre-planning and co-ordination to cater for a visit from any member of The Family is staggering.
    Not to mention the sheer number of military and police resources.

    That’s the time to rob a bank mate!

    Take care out there.

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