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The Spirit House of Chiang Mai

Posted by TravellingStrom on January 15, 2013

I was woken very early this morning, even with ear plugs in, at 05.30 the musicians across the road at the Spirit House started their noise. I guess it is classified as music, but not for this little black duck! You can hear what I heard right here.

Now that I was up I could get started working out my next bit of travel. I was intending to ride south, go across into Cambodia then come back and head into Malaysia, that was just the general plan. It is so cool not having to rush in this part of the world, all the first 6 months was rush to this deadline, make another deadline, rush rush rush. Being able to stop and relax for a few days here and there(or months as the case may be) means I am more likely to see things I would otherwise have missed.

Today though I went across the road to check out the Spirit House. I met a chap who told me this particular celebration only happens here once a year and is attended by those with a 6th Sense.

Does my back porch look big on me?

And the video of this Thai dancer



I have my doubts about the practicality of having fingernails a foot long, but you could certainly pick your neighbours nose from a long way a way, and probably without knowing about it!!! πŸ˜† But seriously Spirit House Worship is very strong here and every house has one, read more about it here. It was a very colourful and noisy celebration, as you would expect and this continued all day with only a few short breaks for the musicians(and us across the road) until around 4pm when they started to dismantle the whole shebang and put it back the way it was πŸ™‚

That afternoon I went and found another Geocache on the way to the night markets. I had a present to buy for someone back home and I had heard the particular item may be available there, as it turns out, that info was correct πŸ™‚

That photo was of the Geocache of course, on a small wooden bridge that crosses the moat. I had an early night, catching up on the blog a bit, tomorrow I head south, I had read a forum thread by Ron 2 Wheels, the chap I was sitting with the other night. He had documented a ride to a place called Kanchanaburi a few years ago, to visit the infamous Death Railway on Anzac day and I really wanted to visit that area, so that was my goal.

Cheers from Chiang Mai

4 Responses to “The Spirit House of Chiang Mai”

  1. If you get the chance, visit the museum at Hellfire Pass and then walk down into the pass itself. Despite the heat and humidity, it is a chilling place. What those poor bastards endured …

  2. Ron2wheels said

    ” …. visit the infamous Death Railway on Anzac day and I really wanted to visit that area, so that was my goal.”

    Anyone who calls himself/herself an Aussie should visit this place.

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