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Hungary For A Beer

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 28, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Well, wonders of wonders, he got up early 😉 That meant we got away on time and as it was fine weather I tried to run without the wet gear so my pants and jacket could dry out a bit, but we did not get far before the rain started again and forced a stoppage. The rain did not last and we were really getting some distance done for a change, 100kmh with only the 50kmh villages to get through and the sky finally came clear, what a great change to the day the sun makes, there should be more of it 🙂 We stopped for fuel and food after about 200kms and once again I adjusted my chain, then had chicken schnitzel and chips, a bit processed but was great for a much needed breakfast.

Not long after that we left Romania and entered Hungary, it took me a tad longer to get through because I was non EU, but there were no big hassles and we were on our way again soon after 🙂

We were now on real good fast highways and we were heading north to Budapest, but intended to bypass it via the ring roads and head west. I had a single cache that I wanted to find right on the road we were travelling and had spoken to Anthony and he agreed with me, it would be terrible if we did not try at least one Hungarian beer, so we decided to stop somewhere near the border and stay overnight, we could do another long day the next day easily. We did get caught out by rain but found a flyover to don the gear, but later when we found a fuel stop and stopped for some tucker we were boiling again! My first McDonald’s of the trip, but they had chicken wings and chips and internet, so that was good 🙂

We were getting close to the city of Gyor when we could see the rain clouds ahead of us again, we talked it over and within 5 minutes I had found a hotel just up the road using the GPS, it looked great, nice and quaint with some chaps having a beer and who offered us one 🙂 We had money issues though, they had no credit card facilities and we did not have enough cash, so we had dodged the rain by coming here, but now had to ride into town to find an ATM where I got some local money out and we got a bit wet on the outside before getting back and getting wet on the inside!!! 🙂 I had misjudged the currency amount, so we scraped together enough for both rooms and some beers and he even threw in a plate of chips later on, this is the strange dude with a squint who was serving us, weird bloke I tell ya!!!

The internet was slow and non existent in the rooms, so for the second night in a row we had separate rooms, but crap internet, go figure! I was way behind as you know, in writing some updates, about a week, but I hoped to get that sorted over the next few days. Tonight was our last night together, Anthony was planning a real early start, around 6, he had a 1000km to get to Calais and would make the attempt. I had seen a bike shop here in town while coming back from the bank and I had also seen that in Vienna, there was a Kazakhstan embassy, so, rather than run to Bern, I would try there instead, it was only 150km away. If I could get my chain sorted tomorrow, it meant a worry free ride to wherever I decide to go.

Cheers from Hungary

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