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Archive for August 21st, 2009

Day 256– 21st August 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on August 21, 2009

Friday – Prince George, British Columbia

More rain and wet gear, yuck!

Well, the flue got me, not bad but enough for a cough, dribbly nose and a headache 😦 I had expected rain and was not disappointed, although I could have lived with a bit of disappointment. It rained all night and it is expected to stick around for a week, so I had no choice but to pack up with everything wet and get some place else.

Of course I only got as far as Canada with no hassles crossing the border, not even to show my passport. Here I had to fuel up, but I also had forgotten to inflate my tyres yesterday so I did it now. The one issue I have with the big orange rain suit is I cannot plug in the heated gear as the cable is too short, I may have to modify that one day, but I had everything I could find on, so I was not too cold. While driving back to the junction I noticed the power poles had massive piles of big rocks around the base, I wonder what they are for, maybe to stop big termites? Even the glacier failed to impress me, it is not a good day to ride, but better than staying in a tent though 🙂

Onto the main highway south and after about an hour or so the rain became patchy then stopped altogether, this was good as I then could remove the rain suit and plug my gear in and get warm. 🙂

I went past a lot of lakes, a lot of farming country with hay bales and a lot of wood, most standing with leaves, some horizontal and naked.

It was just a long day in the saddle and as I got closer to Prince George, I could see I needed to stop once again and put on the rain suit as it looked ominous ahead!

Yep, I got bucketed upon as I entered the city, so much for camping again, I needed a motel, so I picked one from my POI’s, I must have picked the wrong one as it was over there and because of bloody construction, no turn left allowed 😦

I was getting soaked, I did not have the hood up, I was not sure if it was needed, but I could feel rivers of water flowing down my back and into my boots, so I guess it was 😦 Just what I needed to combat the flue!!! I eventually did a U-turn, slightly illegal and got the last room at a motel, who cares the cost!!! I then proceeded to drape wet clothes and tent gear all over the joint, making a huge mess into the bargain 🙂

In the last picture above the sink was a bank of lights, this is where I placed my soaking wet, waterproof gloves??? That turned out to be a mistake I found later, because the plastic strap on one of them melted to the bulb, ooops!! 😳 Well, it could have been worse, I could have been wearing the Gerbing heated gloves and ruined a $200 pair!!, 🙂

Anyway, the thunderstorm did actually go away a bit later, so I could actually hang the tent over the balcony, a bit less mess in the room. I had some noodles for dinner and did not much else after a hot shower. I was feeling crook so a few aspros and bed I guess may help,I hope anyway!

Day 448 miles and 721 km
Trip – 32,279 miles and 51,984 km


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