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Archive for December 19th, 2009

Day 376 – 19th December 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on December 19, 2009

Saturday – Nazca, Peru

Once again, other peoples experiences should never influence your decisions, this was a great day I am glad I changed my mind about this 🙂

We were up early and ready to go around 8am, of course this being South America we were shown a lesson in mańana and after a bit of waiting we were picked up and deposited at the tour company headquarters and then the driver put on a DVD and left 😕 We then had to sit through a sort of boring documentary on some discoveries somewhere around here, but as we wanted to be in a plane it was not given our full attention. The driver eventually returned around 9am and took us to the airport, where once again we were told to wait and it was not until 9.50am we were able to board the small plane and get going!

The pilot had some English and although were a tad pissed off in the delays, we were happy enough to be finally in the air. The plane basically followed a preset route at about 1000ft or so and banked the plane to one side for photo opportunities before coming around for a bank on the other side of the plane, a very fair way of doing things I thought. The flight lasted half an hour which was more than enough to see what we wanted and because we were at a low height above ground, most of the images showed up very well with the lowish sun. Here we go with some photos that turned out:







There were others, but due to the sun angle and where we were they were not as clear, but all in all the flight was only a little bit bumpy and there were no upset stomachs. I am glad I did the flight, it was worth the money and the time and I still have a big smile on my face 🙂

I have a feeling the people who passed on the ‘crap’ stories may have been in larger planes with more people and because of the multiple flights at any one time, they may have been at different altitudes, so as mentioned, once again never totally believe all the bad stories about different places as you may end up missing a gem 🙂 It was now near midday and we returned to the resort and for the rest of the day it was work, work, work, trying to catch up on the blog, but the surrounds were great and we even had chook and chips brought in 🙂

In the early evening we wandered around the town just having a Dorrie at how the place operates, the wedding car was a beauty, dings and all 🙂

We scored some pizza and a beer before heading back for an early night, we had decided on an early get away as it was 650km to Cusco, but it should be doable by late afternoon. Little did we know, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for that! 🙂 Now, on the way home we were looking for muesli bars in a lot of the shops, nothing, but we did find a shop that sold canned fish with an unfortunate name, but it made us smile, myself and Graham that is 😉

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 46,595 miles and 74,987 km



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