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Posted by TravellingStrom on April 11, 2012

The Gallipoli Countdown and the Mayan Prophecy Countdown

A quick update just to show things are going as planned, sort of. I just wish I could say that with confidence 😉

OK, I did survive my 50th, well, until dawn when I crashed out, a good night 🙂

I have sort of got my packing done, but have one more day of work, and tonights SES then I can pack all that stuff into the container out of the way.

I have not started to pack the bike, that will happen this weekend, so whatever I decide not to take gets put in the container as well.

Tyres – I needed a new set and had planned on buying some in Brisbane so I would have a new set after I rode down there next week, that way I can do an oil/filter change, new tyres and all is new for the new country. Well, that won’t happen, because I decided on a set of tyres called Heidenau and both shops I tried in Brissy(thanks to Donunder for the details), wanted near $500 for a set, this was a bit pricey. So, instead, I contacted Ib, he is a Vstrom rider in Frankfurt,Germany, and he put me onto a shop over there, I have now paid for and having shipped to his address a set which has cost me $223 delivered. I will sort out fitting when I arrive. I will still probably do an oil change before flying out, I shall check with Saab, he is putting me up in Brissy and taking me from freight office to International Airport on Thursday( thanks m8 )

Carnet de Passage Bit of nerves here, it still has not arrived, this is the all important document I need for the bike, without it, customs won’t ship the bike. I did call, and they say it will be sent today Express Post, so I hope to see it tomorrow.

Zipper This is the brand new zipper being sent by Pacsafe to replace a failed one on my tankbag, the bags are no longer made, but Ryan made a great effort and after I sent an email he responded by saying it has been sent. I hope it gets here in time for the chap to sew it on!!! If it arrives after I need to ride out, I will have it sent OS and meet up with it somewhere, I can make do for a short while like it is.

Bike Cover Beemerbird very kindly offered to make me a cover out of ripstop fabric that fits the Vstrom, beyond my capabilities, once again, that is being sent today so I hope to see that Tomorrow or Monday, thanks Marg

Passport This is the biggee, I sent it away to the Russian Embassy for a Russian visa a while back and had heard nothing. There is a small window of opportunity to talk to them(between 3-5pm) and after hitting redial many many times, I got through to a sort of relaxed guy today who wandered away and had a look and when he came back, said it will be sent on the 19th. This was a bit scary, I fly out on the 19th!!!!! After I mentioned this, he asked if it had a self addressed envelope, I said yes, he said, he will send it earlier, that was it, no idea when, but it looks like my visa is approved, so that is a good thing 🙂 I am working on contingency plans for a courier to ship it to me in Brisbane if I have to ride south without it!!!

Next weeks itinerary goes like this, Wednesday morning, I ride to Brisbane(hopefully with ALL of the above items), I do an oil change then a hit with the gurney to clean the bike(I know shock horror). Stay at Saabs place, next morning, I ride over to the Dangerous Goods place and get a certificate(hopefully), then ride to the Qantas freight people and make sure the tank is less than 5lt fuel, tape up the battery terminals, have the baggage inspected, before locking it all up and leave the bike. I then get picked up by Saab, get taken to the IAP and fly out around 2.30pm ish. The bike does not fly out until the 21st and arrives 22nd, Sunday in Frankfurt.

By this time, I have arrived and have met my German contacts, Ib and his family who are putting me up for the few days until I get the bike out of customs, so I can attach the tyres, then ride south east for Gallipoli and the Anzac Day ceremony. This is still A goal but no longer THE goal. Timing may make it too unsafe to ride there fast and safely, so we shall see what happens 🙂

If I had hair and fingernails, there would be a mess on the floor around me at this moment in time!!!

Chow for now

22 Responses to “T-7”

  1. Clive thomas said

    Good stuff Rich
    Are you having the bike crated or bubble wrapped onto a pallet
    Thats a good deal on the tyres
    Cheers Clive

  2. wish you all the best,happy and safe wishes from istanbul bikers club.mehmet

  3. Don said

    I’ll be watching and enjoying your progress… I met you briefly at the Strom Gathering in Rapid City, SD in 2009. I’m proud to say I drank a beer with the TravellingStrom…..and the other folks who were there. Safe travels to you.

  4. GrahamD said

    Wishing you all the best and good luck with the mail Rich.


  5. Al & Ann Casaus said

    We’re so glad you survived your fiftieth, bet that was a hoot. We wish you the best of luck on new adventure, we’ll be watching. Ride On!

  6. DES said

    Look out for the Poofters over there M8, they love little bikers

  7. Henry said

    Hope it all works out for you, will pass this around the neighborhood, and let them all know you’re about to depart on your venture. Curtis told me to say hey..

  8. Tombstone said

    Maybe should change your handle from TS to VS…TravelingStrom….. VodkaStrom. 🙂 Have fun!

  9. southroads said

    good luck mate , here we go again!!!! cant wait for the updates,,

  10. I reckon you arranged the best way to spend these final months before the apocalypse! Should you happen to wander into my neck of the woods -i.e. the Amsterdam area- give me a nudge. And I did check to make sure ‘nudge’ was not Aussie slang for something unmentionable. Cheers.

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