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T – 3

Posted by TravellingStrom on April 16, 2012

The Gallipoli Countdown and the Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Another short update, time is running out before my flight on Thursday and a few things still outstanding. I managed to modify the page above called MODIFICATIONS, added some new information, it still needs some work, I’ll do that soon. Also modified the STROM page

Carnet de Passege en Douane It arrived Friday, real happy with that, 🙂 because I could then take some scans and pass on the info to Qantas so they can have most of the paperwork(read data entry) done prior to me arriving Thursday morning with the bike.

Zipper Still not arrived, and no mailman even entered my street today, that sucks!!! If it arrives after I leave, it will have to start following me around until I stop long enough to grab it.

Bike Cover I know Margaret sent this Friday, I was expecting it today, but with no mail, I have to assume highway blockages or something has caused a delay. Once again, it can follow me around.

Passport Still have not seen this and getting a tad nervous. I redialed 95 times today just so I could get on the phone to the Russian Embassy during their two hour window of opportunity. When I did connect he checked and said it was sent Friday. This one I cannot leave the country without(no kiddin!!!), but I still have to get the bike away Thursday, so it may mean leaving town Wednesday and having the passport(if it arrives Wednesday) sent via courier to either Brisbane domestic or Sydney International airports. I got a ballpark quote from DHL for between $400-600, CRIKEY!!! The only other option for this is check some other couriers about cost and can it be done, or I may have to change my flight to Frankfurt, which will also cost but I will chase that down tomorrow

I have done some work on the bike, cleaned a lot of stuff out, and generally getting ready for tomorrow, a busy day, take the last of the unwanted gear to the container, pack the bike properly, and make sure it all fits. I am paying the penalty now for all those 15 hour days, ten day work shifts, because there are things I would have liked to have sorted prior, but will either now not get done, or I will have to do on the road. Nothing major, just fiddly things to make the bike riding smoother, probably the biggest is the 3.5inch rox risers for the handlebars, I never managed to get them installed because I needed longer cables, and kept not remembering to order them. Still have not done so!!

Chow for now

2 Responses to “T – 3”

  1. 2wheels said

    May have missed it Richard, but what are your thoughts re Qantas bike freight?

  2. 2wheels said

    Ooops, my mistake; that’s coming!

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