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T – 2

Posted by TravellingStrom on April 17, 2012

The Gallipoli Countdown and the Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Passport Well, good news at last, my passport turned up at 3pm this arvo, so I am good to go. I had a backup plan in place, which was move my overseas flight back a few days, and fly up and grab the passport after sending the bike away. That is no longer needed, so I am probably going to get a decent nights sleep tonight 🙂

Cover That arrived this morning, looks good, thanks Beemerbird, hope your plans come to fruition, if they do, see you in Almaty

Zipper Nope, did not arrive, I will get that sent to meet me OS. I picked up the tankbag from the upholsterers and will use it as is, this will probably be for a few months, so I will have to be gentle with it.

Other than that, everything else seems to be on plan, all my crap is packed into the container, my bike is packed for the ride down to Brisbane in the morning, so you can follow me on SPOT(link up top right). I will have to repack the bike as I need some gear for travelling but don’t feel like wearing MC gear on the plane.

If I get time I will do another quickie before I fly off, but other than that you will need to be friends with me on Facebook if you want an up to date status. Besides the SPOT tracking page of course

Chow for now

4 Responses to “T – 2”

  1. Carl said

    Richard, sorry i didn’t get to have a rum with you the other night at your farewell. I got stuck at the fat fella’s place. Have a great trip and i will follow your updates. Could you put me on your location spot check pls. Rubber side down.

  2. 2wheels said

    Yep, not good Qantas.
    Another black mark against your credibility.

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