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Scotland to England

Posted by TravellingStrom on July 3, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Thanks to the chap at the Aberdour Hotel, I will feel more comfortable riding today. Using the gear he supplied I fashioned an oil dripper for the rear sprocket which should do the trick. It looks similar to what I used to have with my old system and all I will have to do is turn the oil feed up a bit as the oil will have to migrate from one side of the sprocket, across the rollers to the other side, we will find out very soon.

I had done a blog update this morning and got away quite late and just after I entered England, I stopped to check the oil feed, it was looking good 😛 The place I stopped was near a military training area and I stopped here, hoping to see some tanks playing on the hills, but no go, never mind.

As it got close to 1pm I was crossing the Pennines, a series of moorlands in the top part of England and I found a hamburger joint parked up here, a very welcome piece of tucker 🙂

It was only an hour after this that I arrived at Graham and Sues place in Harrogate. Sue was working but Graham was home, so the first thing we did was go for a look at Ripley’s Castle, well actually there was a cache near there, so Graham was interested in finding it(which he did very easily) and after that we had to stop and have an ice cream at a famous place for it. It tasted great, but as for being the ‘best’, I will leave judgement on that, because I can remember some real great gelato up in North Queensland I had the other year while on SES duty 😉

Because Graham was interested, we went looking for another cache up near Knabs Ridge wind farm, an easy find once again, but also a good learning curve to show searching technique in the woods. This is also a place where a lot of white mushrooms are growing, American mushrooms so it seems 😉

Then we headed via some back country roads to a popular spot for bikers, the Sun Inn where we had a quick beer, this could be a nice spot in the sun!!!

From there we went back and had a relax and a chat before Sue came home and we went through some photos of when we were travelling together through Peru, Bolivia and Chile, this was going back a bit now, it was actually around xmas 2009/10, crikey how time flies!!!

Dinner was different, remember last night up in Scotland I had Yorkshire pudding with roast beef, well down here in Yorkshire it was a Chinese buffet, and a nice selection of prawn dishes as well, very nice stuff 🙂 During the evening, when we were flipping through the sport channels, as men do, I mentioned that the 3rd and decider State of Origin rugby league game would be on tomorrow, so after some looking through the TV guide, there it was, live tomorrow at 11am local time! Graham said, although he had to work, I could stay as long as I liked, watch the game, do computer work whatever and lock up before I head off, great stuff thanks for that, I might put that on my calendar. I only had 125km to travel next day, so I had plenty of time 🙂

Cheers from

5 Responses to “Scotland to England”

  1. Clive Thomas said

    well we have sold our house, everything has gone into storage,now its countdown until jan when we leave,if all the planets line up we reckon we might see you in asia somewhere ,question again about garmin maps did you buy them in oz before you left

    • Hi

      I bought my Garmin off eBay and that included the European city Nav map. I have not paid for any other maps. Go to Open Source Maps, google it and select the free maps you want

      I am not sure there is full Garmin maps available to buy, but if you do buy some, try and make sure to buy a DVD version INCLUDING lifetime updates, because by the time you need it, it will be out of date

      Cheers TravellingStrom Sent from my iPhone

  2. garry said

    Good to see you having good time in the UK. Amazing to see the three of you (You, graham and Sue) as you all stayed at my place in Mexico City.
    PS This cache stuff is intriguing.

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