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Day 411– 23rd January 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on January 23, 2010

Saturday – Ushuaia, Argentina

Well, as you may expect I was not a fit chappie at all today, but I managed to struggle upstairs for brekky before crashing out for a few more hours 😉 I left it until mid afternoon before I was sort of feeling good enough to go for a ride to the park 🙂 It was not the best day for it, that would have been the sunny day 2 days ago which I spent indoors, but that’s life. There were some big passenger ships in as I headed through town for the dirt ride to the park.

Check out the mountains, they match the seating on the bike, or should that be visa versa 🙂

The road from the park entrance was another 12km of hard packed gravel, with some slippery tight corners with lots of tour buses around them as well. But, the only issue I had was with my panniers on I could not get the bike through the posts to park it next to the sign, but never mind, it still got me there 🙂 So, today it is official, I have reached the end of the road at the end of the world. Now, just to keep it in perspective, I actually traveled 37,390km to reach this point from Deadhorse in Alasaka, not quite a straight line eh 😆

Once the photos were done with I was the centre of more attention, well OK, it was the bike not me, but there were a lot of photos taken by some local families 🙂

Then it was a quick ride back to town and park the bike, as I was starving. Of course I went to the Dublin bar first, but it was closed until 7pm, crikey that is bad management that would never work back home, so I hit the other Irish bar and on the way spotted some lookalike coppers bikes 😉

After a quick beer I went back to the Dublin bar for another quiet beer and some food, it was a very quiet evening and except for me and R2D2, it was only full of staff, preparing for a big Saturday night I guess 🙂

I was still a bit tired and nicked off early, I wanted to start heading north tomorrow and with two border crossings etc I would like to be in Rio Gallegos again by late afternoon, so I planned on an 8am start. On the way home I spotted a yacht, in a back yard and way up on a hill, with a not so good view of the ocean, but that was all, no water under the hull.

Day – 42 miles and 68 km
Trip – 52,110 miles and 83,863 km



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