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Day 442 – 23rd February 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on February 23, 2010

Tuesday – Salt Lake City, USA

Today I sorted out all the stuff I had left here when I stripped the bike down last year. As I had fully intended to ride back and sell the bike, this sounded like a good idea at the time. As it was, plans change, as they have a habit of doing and so I needed to deal with the leftovers. One thing I had here, which I could have done with down in Buenos Aires was the original rear shock and this would have been better off on the bike and I get to keep the Elka.

There was nothing to be done about that, so what I decided to do here was send this to Jay at Suspensions by Sasquatch and have him modify the stock shock for me. Normally there is nothing that can be done to this shock, it is un-repairable, but what he does is respring it to your weight, re-valve it to compensate for the heavier spring and add a Schrader valve so that it can be dismantled for service and repair down the track. I had spoken with Jay and he assured me that if the shock arrives on Wednesday morning, he can turn it around and have it shipped to LA where my other bags were and I can take it home in my luggage 🙂 That would be better that having it shipped home and arriving who knows when! So, Tiffany and 8 month old Ryker took me down to the Fedex shop where it was duly sent and I also sent off my National Parks pass to Glenn, an Aussie Vstrom rider arriving in San Francisco in a few days, so he can use it up as I have no more need for it 🙂

Once back I spent a long time writing and posting updates and also deciding what to do with some of the leftover parts of the bike, I was reluctant to throw them out and they were brand new, just the top rack and exhaust cover.

In the end I put an advert on VSRI and Stromtroopers websites advising they are a giveaway item in exchange for a donation to the forums for upkeep. The evening was spent the same way as the day, more blog updates, but it was warm and comfortable here and there was no snow outside although it was quite fresh and by fresh I mean below our 0c when the sun is down 😉 No beer for me, I had forgotten to get some but it gives my liver a bit of a rest eh 😉

Day –0 miles and km
Trip – 54,042 miles and 86,972 km



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