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Day 239 – 4th August 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on August 4, 2009

Tuesday – Fairbanks, Alaska

Well, another lazy day in Fairbanks, I still have some catching up to do, a lot actually and as it was raining down south, why leave a warm, comfortable and cheap place to go back to a wet tent! There was one other job I needed to do and that was fix my belly pan. So we headed down town to buy some food and stuff but first I stopped off at Thunder Road bikes again, there was something there I wanted to buy.

Once again, the owner was very helpful and once I explained the situation, he gave me a drill, some pliers and cutters and some stainless steel wire, thanks m8 🙂 With some glue that Simon had I made short work of the stitching job, but I am unsure how good the pan will be from now on with a gaping wound in the side! My particular belly pan is designed to flex and give with the bumps and not transmit the force to the engine like a normal hard one would do. It should still give some protection though I think.

I was working while Simon was chatting up the local riders 🙂

Then I bought a couple of these Gremlin Bells, maybe they will stop things like this happening again 🙂 Maybe not, but a cheap gimmick is better than none 🙂

The main reason we went out was to buy some postcards, hopefully of Prudhoe Bay, but no one in town had any of PB, so in the end even at this old arts house which had nearly everything except what I wanted, I bought some others instead. The stamps home were dearer than all the cards together!

The rest of the day was spent on the blog, doing some washing etc as we were thinking of heading south in the morning. I was not that inclined really, the weather down south was for rain, rain rain, so although the smoke here was bad, I preferred that than getting cold and wet.

Day 15 miles and 24 km
Trip – 29,205 miles and 47,000 km


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