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Day 156 – 13th May 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 13, 2009

Wednesday – Roswell, New Mexico

The bike got a service today and I think I got poisoned by Aliens in Roswell

I good early start this morning, and I even slept quite good, even with a few beers in me. First stop was the White Sands National Monument, I did this stretch twice because I forgot to fuel up, so after going back for some eventually I got there, the blue line on the map.

The entry was free with my national pass and basically a short ride around the sand dunes with a few walks thrown in. I think I know how it got it’s name 🙂

It was very hot already so I did not bother walking through the dunes themselves, so after an hour or so, I headed back to town and to the north where I saw my first roadrunner 🙂

This was at a scrap metal place and is quite well done. I went north and then east where the road once again rose through the mountains, which cooled things down a bit.

But that did not last, only for about 30 miles or so until a place called Tinnie, after that it is just desert.

After an hour or so of this, I see green in the distance and eventually I arrive at Roswell, the UFO capital of the world I guess, home of the infamous Roswell Incident 🙂

But, first things first, I went to the post office where I picked up two items of mail, which was great, but I was still missing one from Oz, it has not turned up yet. I will try again in the morning, after that if it is not here, I will have to get it redirected to another address, somewhere east of here! I finally got some lunch after this but I also needed an oil change so I tried a couple of places that had bike oil and eventually had the guys at the main dealership do it for me, the circumstances forced the issue, but it got done, that was the best outcome.

By this time it was late in the afternoon and although I had seen the museum of UFOs in my travels and saved it as a POI, I went looking for a place to stay. Once again, I ended up in a cheap motel which turned out be quite a good one really, the Budget Inn, I even got breakfast apparently 🙂 The people at Kisan had sent me the new part for my ChargeGuard, at no cost, so now you can see what I lost on the ET high way, it was the little white rubber thing with the word MODE on it. I did not actually need the black surround, but they sent it anyway, thanks.

That was great, it all worked real well now 🙂 The other mail was the insurance cards which I wanted with me. OK, it is now beer o’clock as it is too late to go to the museum, it closes in 20 minutes, and when I asked the motel chap where the closest bar was, he said across the road at the other motel or just up the road at that place 🙂 This is where I got poisoned by Aliens, quite a few of them too!

I met some great people though, this old codger called Walt was a funny chap, he had been to Darwin on R&R during Vietnam, so he paid me out a bit 🙂

Then there was Ron from Albuquerque

Warren flew in from Canada to south of here and picked up his shipped bike and is riding it back home. 🙂 You can tell from his shirt what he rides, not, he is actually riding a BMW1200A.

Then finally to cap off a late night I chatted with these two dudes, Pete and Cecil, now the bright light in the photo is a reflection from Cecil’s glass eye, he was another character 🙂

A very late night, the beer tasted quite nice, and I was a bit tiddly as well by the time I stumbled across the road to my room, at least I did not have rum and I did not get lost this time 🙂

Day – 203 miles and 327 km
Trip – 7,995 miles and 12,867 km


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