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Archive for March 22nd, 2009

Another Update

Posted by TravellingStrom on March 22, 2009

Well, I have just under a week before I fly out, so here is the state of play.

My bike is just about de farkled, only the shocky to be swapped out, this is not a big job normally, but the ABS unit makes it very hard to get the double remotes for my Elka shock in and out. But it should be done today. Here is the chaos I have created so far 🙂

I have found an air carrier to get this stuff to my US address, it is Australian Air Express. I have two removal boxes which I hope to fit everything in. Weight is not a problem, volume is, so I may chop the box up while packing. Time frame is 3 days to the states, then a few days I guess in the states, about a week or so all up. If it does not get stuck in customs. I hope to send the boxes Tuesday.

I have a storage solution for my bike which does not involve leaving it in a shipping container in a paddock in the aussie sun. I will probably leave it with a friend who will ride it to work once every few weeks to keep it wholesome 🙂 There are some logistics to be worked out still about this.

I still have to move all my gear from the storage shed to my container, that will be later in the week, I need some bodies for that. Most I can do myself, but fridge, washing machine etc are too large for one.

I have nearly sorted out the purchase of a bike. It is on the west coast, about 300km north of LA. It is low mileage and in good nick, from what I saw of the photos I was sent. It is a Blue 2007 non ABS model. So, I would need to get a bus from LA to there, inspect and probably buy the bike, his stuff has to be taken off the bike that he wants to keep, return it to stock, then I have to ride about 1600km to Utah where the workshop is where all my gear is being sent. This will take a day or so as I would need to get to a bank and cash some dosh out. Rego within California would be best, so hopefully I can do that right away.

From there, after the bike has been farkled up, I have been offered a guided tour of the state of Utah, by the same kind chap(Tombstone) who has offered the place to stay and workshop for the bike, how can I refuse 🙂 From there, who knows.

As Ritchie would say, “it is all happening” 🙂


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