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Archive for March 28th, 2009

2 Days and Counting

Posted by TravellingStrom on March 28, 2009

Just another prep update.

I finally got my TomTom back from repair late Friday arvo, cost $200 for a new mount bracket and a new battery. Hmmm, they sent the old battery back, it is just a AA size 2300mAh rechargeble, I can probably do that myself next time. But, the mount was needed. Now I have found I cannot download a new USA map, because there is a web error between TomTom and Commbank, grrrr! I have to wait until Monday and speak to support, maybe they can do it manually, I hope anyway! Another hurdle, if I cannot fix it Monday, it stays here and I will get a Garmin Zumo at Duty Free!!!

I have spent a lot of time online chasing a bike in the states, preferably in California, I have found three, one in Pismo Beach, another up that way in Sacremento, both of these are about 5 hours drive north of LA. The third is about an hour east of LA. All the same model, but different years and of course different prices. I will most likely choose one of these, none are ABS, but that is not an issue even though I would prefer it.

I have sorted a lot of documents out, scanned into PDF files and stored on a secure USB key. Hopefully I won’t need them as they are the backups and it would mean I have lost the originals.

I bought some travel insurance, I had some income protection already, but it does not come into effect untill after 4 weeks, so I needed extra. The bike insurance has been modified to accept another rider. This is for the bike back home, I still need to sort some in the US, I will sort that once Idecide which bike to buy.

I bought a couple more PacSafe items, a Helmet bag, a 140litre luggage mesh and a luggage strap. All for the security side of things, they won’t stop a dedicated thief, but it will stop a ‘spur of the moment’ thief

All my excess stuff, clothes, files and the leftover bike stuff has now been ‘containered’ and all I have left is what I am taking with me.

Last night was some farewell drinkies and today I am suffering 😦 But you get that on big jobs! 🙂

I ride south tomorrow to Brisbane where there are more drinks planned??? I should be recovered by then.

Monday I will have to sort the GPS out as my priority and also buy an Airhawk seat to take with me, I forgot to buy one today, too crook!

I think everything is done now, I hope so anyway and if not, well, tough titties as Shiela would say!

I have had a bit of free time and as you can see, changed the colour, just because I felt like it 🙂 I also added the little map thing on the left. At the moment it is a manual update, I am not sure whether it is useful or not, but it does show at a glance my current location, but only at a city level at this stage.

Comments good or bad would be appreciated

Thats it, you can follow my SPOT tracks from about 8am QLD time if you are interested, it is a 650km day so I should be there around 4pm or so, depending on Sunday arvo traffic and I have just seen the weather report, break out the wet gear by the looks.

Ciau for now

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