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Archive for June 12th, 2009

Day 186 – 12th June 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 12, 2009

Friday – Buffalo, New York

I found another Grand Canyon and had some nice beers for a change

The day started out dry but a bit overcast, this was after a night of rain.

After posting a page which once again, due to signal strength was a bit slow on uploading photos, I managed to get away about half ten. I had checked forum pages and emails, but I had got no response from the chap who lived in Niagra, but I could head for there and see what transpires. I took the scenic roads, which when I said the other day there were none in Pennsylvania state, I did not realise there was two pages of maps for here, my bad 🙂

The roads took me through what looked like Amish country style houses and horse drawn carriages, lots of big chook sheds here as well.

My route took me through the Bald Eagle forest where I had a quick apple snack before heading north.

This took me straight over a range via some nice windy roads, great stuff but very short.

They even named a road after me and I had to ride it for a while as well, keeping an eye out for slow vehicles 🙂

I then took a nice road through a forest until I reached a largish town of Rauchburg where I stopped for lunch at my new favourite place. It was only 11.30 or so, but I wanted a foot long sub, so I could have some for later 🙂

After this I was heading north along the river valley until I decided to get fuel at the next available spot, I was not real low, but never pass up a chance out in the scrub.

Just up the road a bit where I had to turn north, but I looked south at the intersection and saw this sign, remind me not to ride south next week, and advise all your friends as well, fancy oiling the road!!!

I kept on going through the forest until I found a rest area and spoke to these two who had just ridden down from the north. I was intending adding my wet gear as it looked like rain, but they said it was dry, they also advised me which roads to use to get to the Grand Canyon, Pennsylvania style.

Some more windy country before another rest stop, the cold weather was affecting my bladder, so I added another layer and kept on riding.

I got into Galeton around 2pm and went through where I turned east

The Grand Canyon is OK, but when it comes down to it, not that spectacular after seeing the one back west. It was still nice though, but as I did not do any of the trail walks, I guess I only saw the surface.

I had a chat with the Harley riders parked next to me on the way out, they are from Maryland and having fun on a ride themselves, I followed them for a while as I had now dialled in Niagara falls as my destination and I intended to slab it, it was nearly 3pm, and I had about 200 miles to go for the day. So, a bit of countryside, a bit of town traffic before entering the interstate about 3.30

Of course one of the goals of the day I missed because at 70mph there is no way to stop on the freeway nor to turn around and get a photo. So, I dropped off at the next exit of Lawrenceburg and went through town until I found the sign I wanted.

After a bit of time I needed a rest stop to add some warmer layers and found a thing just handy called a rest stop. They also had a similar thing from back home called a Driver Reviver, where there was free coffee etc and also hot dogs and other snacks that were for a donation. I snaffled a hot dog and headed off north.

I soon had to leave the interstate and head west, I had been seeing signs and the fuel situation had shown that I could reach the town of Rochester, so I was now thinking that as a place to stay, or fuel up anyway. But, after turning west I was amongst the country side and on a normal main road, but I saw some massive wind turbines out here, the biggest I had seen but it may have been because I was real close to them.

Of course I did not see Rochester again, because I was heading a different direction, so I chose Buffalo now to go get fuel which I did, and I also went looking for a motel. I had been checking my phone for a call from the Niagara guy during the day, but no messages at all, so I can kiss that meeting goodbye. I was in big traffic but found a motel where I stopped to check for rooms, this is when I got a phone call from Lesley.

She had been following my SPOT tracks and seen I had gone past where Jim’s son Joe lived, so I decided to check out the room price, before contacting them. The room was fine and as it was gone 7pm I decided to stay here. I contacted Joe’s wife who said he was on his way to Kentucky, I called Jimmy the other son who lived nearby but there was no answer, so I left a message.

It just so happens that across the car park was a pub, called the Buffalo Brew House. I decided to have a couple of beers to relax before sorting out tomorrows ride to Niagara Falls and then Toronto, to see an old internet m8 called 340.

I had a Yeungling to start with, pronounced ying ling, I had had these before and they were OK, but with an aftertaste. I met a chap called Sonny, he was from Toronto and heading to Florida in the morning at about 4am. After looking at the beers available, with a real neat looking beer chart decider, I took his advice and decided on a Canadian beer, Labatt Blue, it is in the right quadrant, light and smooth, it is number 8 on the chart. I actually quite liked this beer and it is at 5% which is about right for me.

We were watching ice hockey on the TV, it was the final game of the Stanley Cup finals series of 7 games. Pittsburgh eventually won 2-1 I think 🙂 I do remember not seeing the puck though, way too fast for me!

After Sunny left at 9pm I was talking with a young chap called Kevin, he was interested in my travels etc and also played hockey, so explained some of the finer points.

During this time I had received a reply from Jimmy, he had just got home after being out for dinner and said he was interested in coming over for a beer, which meant I had to stay of course 🙂 I told him to come in the door and I was just to the right, in the corner of the bar. I had been thinking about bed, but that can wait until later. So, after about half an hour I get another phone call, so I went outside to answer it and Jimmy said he had a beer at the bar but could not see me. I saw a chap outside next to a motorbike and talking on a phone, so I took a punt and said look to your right, I am in the door way 🙂 It was him and he laughed and hung up.

So, I finally had a few beers with Jimmy, who I heard about from Jim and Lesley, he is also a trucker. We had a great time, but not for long as he had to load up tomorrow. Nice meeting you, sorry about the lack of notice, but as I never know which way I am going, it is hard to do 😉

So, I ended up drinking and chatting with some of Kevin’s m8s for a while, then a few other people and managed to get to bed at 2am, hmmm, well beyond my bedtime!

Day – 320 miles and 515 km
Trip – 18,389 miles and 29,594 km


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