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Archive for September 13th, 2009

Day 279– 13th September 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 13, 2009

Sunday – Reno, Nevada

No riding today, bummer 😦

Well, I woke up after 4 hours sleep and felt as you would expect and could not sleep, but dozed on and off for ages. In the end I got up, a waste of time trying to sleep and waited until about 10.30 before sending an email to RenoJohn explaining I was packing up and checking out(checkout at 11am) and could he send the address to go to etc. This was the room I was in, quite posh, but the view was of a railway yard.

I had called a bellhop for a trolley to get all my gear downstairs when John called and said that his wife was crook and was not sure whether I could visit. He suggested I stay in the room until early afternoon without moving the gear, as the casino was a 24 hour one and I should be fine until about 3pm, he would get back to me. OK, fair enough, I went down and grabbed some breakfast and sat around writing up the blog for quite a few hours.

Around 2pm I was called by John who advised that his wife was still crook, he apologised for the muck around but had organised for me to stay another night, but in a different room. So, I went down to the reception desk for the key but she was surprised that I was booked into a different room and asked if I would prefer to stay where I was? Sure I said, saves carting all my bags around, so I did and went and unpacked the bits I would need. I stuck around for a while but it looked like no response from John about doing anything like a ride, so it was bar time 🙂

As it was Sunday, it was footy day and I soon got into some chat with a couple of people next to me about the game. Curtis was a chap who was here for work and we spent some time together. He was interested in Australia and would like to ride down there one day, but is scared of flying. I mentioned the Rumble to the Rock ride that I had done last year, where we raised $45,000 for Prostate Cancer research. I had the shirt on, so it was easy to refer to and mentioned the Prostate salute we had devised, basically we held up two fingers, so that way during the inspection you get a second opinion at the same time. 🙂 He told me, as a chap who has had the inspection, it may look like one finger but this is actually what it feels like 😕

We had a few more beers until the game was over, then we went for a feed, there was crab and prawns on the menu at the smorgasbord and Curtis said he would shout, which was very kind, thanks m8 🙂 This was the first plate, we went back a few times more for the roast beef and corn and other vegies etc.

Most of the food I really liked, except the crab, it was tasteless as if it had been cooked in fresh water, or it had been frozen too long. Nothing like a good old Queensland Mud Crab but I made do with some seafood sauce. 🙂 We then went back up to the bar and watched the fish in the aquarium, before he crashed out, he had a 5am start for work. Nice meeting you Curtis, maybe you can get down for the Rumble to Barossa next year, email me for details if you wish as I have the flyer in my inbox, I cannot find the website at this time, maybe it is still being built.

I watched a bit more footy and met a few other chaps before calling it quits late evening. This chap has a good job, he delivers RVs where ever they are needed from the factory to the showroom floor, a good way to travel at someone else’s expense 🙂

Day 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 36,526 miles and 58,783 km


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