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Archive for November 11th, 2009

Day 338 – 11th November 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 11, 2009

Wednesday – Playas Del Sol, Costa Rica

After a nice lie in for a change, I headed up to the hotel for a breakfast, I was surprised by the size of it and there was no way I could eat it all, so I took some home for a midnight snack, it is a bonus having a fridge 🙂

Beemerbird had emailed me asking me to buy her some stickers of some of the countries she flew through on her GS, but did not stop to get one 🙂 I headed into town, all of 100 metres and checked out all the tourist shops, well, not all of them, after the first 3 or 4, they are all the same, nice colourful stuff, too fragile for a bike.

I wondered around the beach for a bit, but there were no white pointers nor bronze whalers to look at.

A pleasant morning spent, I even had sand on my feet so I managed to test out the foot washer, mind you, I would have thought it would be outside, but this is a different culture.

I headed up to the bar around 4 to catch up and find out about the fishing trip tomorrow. This chap had a crap job, using a machette to cut the weeds back to zero, back breaking labour, rather him than me!

So, the view from the bar was nice, even if I did have to share my seat with the cat 🙂

That’s Jimbo at the back, he got a new spark plug and it started to work again 🙂

Some of the people I met turned up, me, then Mike with one of the local ‘girls’ and then Raymond, they are cousins. Mike knows some people in Venezuela, so he said he will get me some contacts and I can decide whether it is safe enough to enter that country.

Now, I mentioned the expensive boat charter from next door, well they took the boat out for a test and after watching the way they handled the boat, I am glad I did not go to sea with them! Check out how the boat was loaded on the trailer, missed it by that much, the winch is under the cloth and it looks like they drove it up, because the cleat that the winch cable goes through is bent over!!!

What was worse was the fact that 3 of them then tried to manually lift the boat over onto the rollers, the boat trailer promptly lifted off the tow ball of the ute and smashed down onto one of the blokes legs. I think he ended up in hospital, a very unprofessional display 😦 I was told later that he is only repairing the boat and the owner is away, so it should not be going out anyway 😕 Anyway, after a chat with Gary about the trip tomorrow, we arranged to meet at 5.30am on the beach, this meant an early night, I only had a few rums, very nice stuff too 🙂 That is Ron in the background, the other chap coming in the morning.

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 42,668 miles and 68,667 km



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