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Day 362 – 5th December 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on December 5, 2009

Saturday – Cali, Colombia

This trip is getting expensive, I can’t believe another camera has gone 😦

The day started fine, although I was still suffering from the flu and am alternating with a stuffed nose and a runny one, also sore behind the eyes. But, after some breakfast, Mike walked with me down the road and showed me where a repairer was, they said they could repair the holes in the saddle bags and add some loops so I could strap the bags to the crash bars, this hopefully would mean they would be more secure.

Anyway, after that was sorted, they told me they would not be ready until Monday, so as I was unsure which part of Monday, I opted to stay until Tuesday morning before heading away. Once that was done I caught up on a few more days blogging and did a bit of research for further down the track, reading forums etc. Later in the afternoon, I decided to go for a wonder down to a place I had heard about called ChipiChape, or Silicone Valley, basically this is a big open air shopping mall where all the chicas parade around and show off their new silicone boobs 🙂 It was only a short walk up the road about 5 blocks and I was soon having a beer or two, but to tell the truth, there was nothing much there to fascinate the eye, well not what I expected anyway. I had seen better boob jobs in Medellin 🙂

After a few hours, it became a tad boring, not much to look at so I headed back via the hostel and met up with a couple of backpackers, Marcos and Bram. We had a few beers out the front and chatted and listened to music, before we all decided to go for a few beers over at the gringo bars. We got a taxi and tried Talbots and then another with live music, before we hit a nightclub. This was great, we split a bottle of rum, I figured this could clear my wog up as it has done in the past. It was an enjoyable time, but somewhere between leaving the nightclub and getting a taxi and getting into my room, the bloody new camera went missing 😦

I am unsure whether it was stolen from my pocket or whether I dropped it in the cab and did not notice. Of course I am devastated as I have lost a day’s worth of photos and now have to seriously think about whether I really need a camera or not!

I will sleep on it and see what happens when I am feeling better, but I cannot afford too many more cameras.

Day 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 44,342 miles and 71,362 km



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6 Responses to “Day 362 – 5th December 09”

  1. garrydymond said

    Christ are you trying to make every Latin American a photographer! We had the camera you gave us repaired and it now works fine again. It was pretty expensive repairing it as it had to have a complete new lense. The total cost wasn’t far short of buying a new one in the States but cheaper than in Mex. So at leas you know one of your ex cameras is still going strong.
    Buy another camera as I love the pics.
    Safe travels.

    • Hi Gary, well, as that camera only cost me $90, I hope it was worth it to get repaired and that you are happy with it.

      I have cables, connectors, chargers etc coming out of my arse at the moment!

      I bought another,same as the one that went missing and it was cheaper, but they are still more expensive than at home.

      Cheers TS

  2. ybg said

    Ever thought of getting Olympus to sponsor you. They could have one waiting at each of you next stops. Sorry to pick on you when you’re down.

    ça roule

    • They would not even do my warranty without me sending it home, because it was an after market extension.

      I still like the brand though, and the pictures have been fab, so in the end, it is brand loyalty, plus I have more chargers leads and extra bits, I am sort of stuck 🙂

  3. Gary said

    The Travelling Olympus….sounds great….but where’s the camera gone today>

    seek and ye shall find

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