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Day 379 – 22nd December 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on December 22, 2009

Tuesday – Cuzco, Peru

Happy Birthday Mum 🙂

A lazy sort of day today, I basically worked on the blog for a fair while before and after breakfast. While I was working on the blog the cleaners came and wanted to clean the breakfast room where I was working, no worries, I left for a short while. When I came back I noticed that they did not wash the floor with water, they seemed to be using acrylic paint or something, all the floors were wet but the stuff got everywhere!!!

A weird way of doing things, but that seems to be Peru all over! Of course it was raining by now and later in the morning I headed off around town chasing up tyres and managed to find quite a few shops, but none of them had the sizes I needed.

This town seemed to cater for Honda and Yamaha, so I would need to try either La Paz in Bolivia or Santiago in Chile. It is not a major drama at this stage, but the front is badly worn. I did manage to contact later on the La Paz dealer with the help of Melissa who has fluent Spanish, but they could not help me either, so Chile is it by the looks. I did some more blog work as it was too cold and wet to go sightseeing and later in the arvo Mark from the USA turned up. He and I had been cross posting on the HUBB for a while now and he had actually tapped me on the shoulder at Machu Picchu yesterday and said, you must be TravellingStrom, my fame proceeds me 🙂 He had actually ridden up to a small village just below the site before catching a train, I had intended doing this but would have lost a few more days.

During this time we were all discussing the strange wear patterns on a couple of the BMW rear tyres, when I noticed on Grahams the steel belts showing through in strange places.

This must be caused by the amount of corners and the weight of two up with all the gear. Chris had the same wear pattern, but no steel showing. Now, I wanted to go see an Inca wall which I knew was in town and in it was a massive stone with 12 sides, and lucky for me it was just a short walk around the corner. The whole wall was built using the same weird block shapes I had seen up in MachuPicchu.

This is the big one, now for some reason this was done on purpose, they estimate the rock to weigh about 7 tonnes, impressive 🙂

Because this a famous Inca site, there were local crafts seller here as well as a chap in a full replica of Inca ceremonial regalia, quite heavy if that was gold and not paint 🙂

By inspecting the wall on the way out I could see many more example of the strange masonry and these are not small stones either!

Just after I returned and was doing another blog entry, Frank turned up with a French couple on a dirt bike. Frank is the other Aussie I met in Trujillo. A few of us checked out their bikes while they decided on whether to stay or not.

In the end the budget took control and they moved on elsewhere, but as they would be staying for a number of days, it made sense. The rest of us later on headed across the road for a feed, not much to talk about there, a very bad waitress and the food was basic, but the company was great, tomorrow was a ride to Puno, this is just prior to the border of Bolivia and the next jump off point.

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 47,016 miles and 75,665 km



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2 Responses to “Day 379 – 22nd December 09”

  1. Donunder said

    Breath taking masonry work! I wonder if we’ll ever learn how they did that with the basic hand tools at their disposal. And…scary tyre wear on the Beemer, but it means that where I thought I had only about 2000 still to go on my rear, I probably have four or five!!! Happy days.

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