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Archive for June 3rd, 2012

Non-Waterproof Gear is Depressing

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 3, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Well, the less said about this day the better. It was raining when I woke and I had actually slept in for a change, so my planned 7am start, turned into an 8.15am start. It seems I had lost a bolt from the panniers system so I had to replace that, it was probably why my frame had cracked. Then packing in the rain is no fun, but I do get a chance to try out my new wet weather clobber 🙂

Being a Sunday and raining the traffic was light, but I will say it was cold!! With the wind chill effect probably around 5C maybe less. I ended up stopping and plugging in the electric jacket and this is when I found that the brand new waterproof jacket is not 😦 I have to find some right gear, the only dry part of me were my feet, the boots were full of water but the Sealskin socks I had been given by Anthony had saved them from being wet, they were still cold though and actually for once I did not have a wet crotch, so the pants worked in the best area! I had no choice but to just plow on and eventually I did get there about 7 hours after I started, to a town near Bergen Belsen in north Germany, cold and dripping wet and met David and his young son Oscar. After divesting myself of all the dripping wet things, I enjoyed a blissfully hot shower, before adding cold wet stuff to the inside of my body, courtesy of a beer bottle, I have to balance things out you know 🙂

It was a late night and warm and dry 🙂 I would do some trip planning tomorrow and blog updates, plus work on the bike, and I could relax for a day or so. I also had to get my slide show together for the Horizons Unlimited meeting next Saturday night where I was giving a presentation on Australia. But, before that I have to ride back to Vienna by next Thursday and pick up the passport and visa, then ride 750km to the International Vstrom Meeting, in the Black Forest for Thursday night, busy busy busy 🙂

Cheers from Germany

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