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Archive for June 23rd, 2012

Night Fever

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 23, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

A very relaxing start to the day, a cuppa tea and start some blogging. Late morning though, we went for a walk into town, dropped into the train station so I could book a ticket into London, but in the end just a ticket from London back to here. I would try and get a lift down with Mark on Sunday on his return to work. As we walked to the town market, I tried to match my old memories with the town as it is now, some of it was OK, some was totally changed which you would expect after 40 years! The old church was remembered though, and the town square with the market stalls. We bought some fish for dinner and I also grabbed a few of them crabs, they look tasty 🙂

We left the tucker there though and would pick it up a bit later. On down to see the smallest pub in the UK, called the Nutshell, it only holds about 20 people if they are sardines 🙂 But no beer at this time, maybe later 🙂

Then just down the road was the old Abby, I used to play here as a kid, but although the cathedral was still there, it was changed, they had added the centre tower about 10 years ago. Apparently, they used the same methods and skills as the original builders, and did a very good job of it as well. This cathedral, although very large and not normal for a small town, was tiny in comparison to the actual Monastery itself which can bee seen in a later photo. There is of course a statue of St Edmunds, who the town was named after 🙂

Well, enough walking, time for refreshments, at the Greene King pub called the Dog and Partridge, Greene King is the name of the local beer which is still brewed just across the road, so I tried some IPA 😉

Then it was back to the house after picking up the fish, then we found we had been invited to Marks for that nights dinner, so never mind, fish and crab tomorrow 🙂 As it turned out Mark had also sorted out fish for dinner, Dorado and it was very nice too, a nice evening, followed by some more footy. This is also when I tried some firewater called Madeira, but it was very smooth actually and quite a hit with me, I could be a convert 🙂

After the footy, things got a tad more wilder, the girls wanted to go out and party, that is, Hannah and her friend Marta, and of course Jane needed a night off, and I felt obliged to look after them, so Jane and myself went down to the Nutshell for a beer or two while waiting for the girls. The pub is quite small and has a mummified dead cat hanging from the roof as well as a mounted head of one of the very rare horned rabbits, now extinct.

We met a couple of chaps there, you have no choice really, sitting in each others laps nearly 🙂 Funny thing was, when I asked who here was actually born in Bury, only one other besides my self could say yes, so I was more local than them 😉

Then it was time to boogie, off to the nightclub called LP, where we had scored free entry, and as expected very loud and mostly modern music, my legs found a happy medium, but I think I will stick with the older music I grew up with. But, it was fun anyway, especially with beer and three beautiful women, all different nationalities, Italian, German and Zimbabwean with me being the token Pom 🙂

It was a very enjoyable night, my first real night out since starting this trip 🙂

Cheers from Bury St Edmunds

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