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Archive for June 4th, 2012

Warm and Dry, Mostly!

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 4, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Well, I managed to get a few things sorted out today. I finally after much hassle ordered a chain oiler. I have been trying to buy the same brand as before because I liked the concept and it did work for 5 years. But because I am in Germany, where they ship from, I cannot use my credit card. They only accept money order/cheque, or COD or direct bank transfer(from German bank). David had tried to get his local bike shop to get one in for me, but they also had issues with trying to get one. So, on Beemerbird’s recommendation, I thought I would try Pro Oiler, but once again I ran into snags. At least this site can pay by PayPal, BUT, because I want to ship it to my friend Simon’s place in Switzerland to pick up next week, I found that PayPal would not allow this to happen! So, I thought, I will change my home address to Simon’s and try again, nope, still blocked by PP. I tried a few other combinations, but to no avail. So, I resorted to the phone and called direct. That was the best thing to do because Arnold told me to email him the details he requires and he would invoice me via PP. And that is what happened, so I now have a new oiler on its way and I hope it will be there before I get there. It was around the same price as my old one, but it has two oil feeders into the rear sprocket, which is a plus, but it only has 150ml tank, which is a minus. I may be able to use my existing 500ml tank, but we shall see.

So, That took an hour or so of the morning, plus an hour for a blog update then later on I went and replaced all my brake pads with the new sintered ones I had bought in Hungary. That was a quick and easy job, all done in less than an hour. Then David came home again with young Oscar and he mentioned that he had spoken to a chap at the army base who would drop around later on and have a look at the broken pannier frame and see if he could do something, that was great 🙂 This part of the frame broke due to the missing bolt in another mounting point at the rear passenger peg. That has now been replaced and is tight!

Late in the arvo we went around to an old German mans place, name of Oscar as well 🙂 They had met due to the same name between the son and the old chap when young Oscar was told by his mum, Oscar come back here, so old Oscar came out to find out why HE was being picked on 🙂 Anyway, he offered us a beer(except Oscar who had a biscuit) and we checked out his vintage cars that he has just been to a local show with. Every single photo came out blurry, this is the best of a bunch, I must have had the incorrect setting 😦 But we had a great chat and checked out his old motorbike photos from his younger days, he is 83! He used to run a garage from this home, so it was well set for repair work 🙂 Nice to have met you Oscar.

Not long after that we got a phone call that Neil had arrived, he was the chap come to look at my welding job. He did not see any major problems and was soon back with his gear, just as it started to rain and did a great job with the weld. In fact the original weld was a great job too, it had broken on the weld borders.

So, after that we had another beer, but wine for Ellie his wife, who had finished night shift and was having her Friday night 🙂 David was interested in looking at a Geocache, so even though it was raining, we drove off to the closest one, about 500m by road and he had soon found his first one 🙂 Not as spectacular as Anthony’s first, and I am sure they will be ribbing each other about it but he may become a convert. As both of them ride bikes(well, BMW’s but you get the drift- 1200GS for him, a lowered 650 for her) they have opportunities to get out and about occasionally. And considering there are about 1000 caches within 100km of their place, they have a fair number to locate if they decide to give it a try 🙂

And the evening was a repeat of the previous night, chatting and swilling and I showed them some photos of Australia

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