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6 Sleeps To Go :)

Posted by TravellingStrom on March 24, 2009

Yep, not long now. Managed to get that pesky Elka shock out finally, not as much swearing this time. 🙂 It needs a service, so I will send or deliver it when I get to the states.

The last few days have been getting sorted what needs packing etc. Do a couple of dry runs etc. My main concern is that I need some stuff straight away, before I leave and after. I will be riding the bike from Rockhampton to Brisbane to deliver it to a chap for storage. That means I need full riding gear. Then when I arrive stateside, I need the gear to ride the purchased bike to Utah for fit out. It will also be cooler, probably cold for me, so I need wet and warm weather gear as well. SO, in the end I need to have with me a fair bit if gear.

Anyway, after packing a few times and mentally going silly, I finally taped up the boxes and delivered them and they are now on the way 🙂 That is a relief! If I missed anything I will have to bring it with me.

So, one job down, one major one to go. I still have a rental storage shed in town, I need to get all the gear from there to here.

As you can see I went down with a whipper snipper and gave myself better access, the grass in front was the same height as the sides 🙂 This is where the bike was going to spend some time, but no longer 🙂 Tomorrow I get to do all the moving, well most of it. About 90% I can do by myself, I have been loaned a ute and trailer so it is just back and forth a few times. The heavier stuff will get sorted Saturday with a friend to help.

After tomorrow, it should be relatively easy street, just tidy some loose ends up. I am awaiting on a few items from either repairers or warrenty replacement, including GPS and Comms system, they are on the way.

there are still some things not done, like US medical insurance and bike insurance etc, I am still looking into things like that.

It looks like the mobile phone service over there will be expensive, I may not get one. They have a strange idea of charging ‘you’ for outgoing AND incoming calls, how sad. That is on top of your monthly rental of the number and connection.

I have found the prepaid wireless internet service over there the same, it looks like nearly $75 AU for a month connection, but you get 5Gig, there is not much cheaper options 😦 This is too much for this little black duck, I have no need of 5Gig, I only want 1-2Gig. We shall see. If I am not posting, you will know why!

Enough for the day, it is beer o’clock.


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