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Last Day in OZ !!!!

Posted by TravellingStrom on March 30, 2009

Yep and a frustrating one. I wanted to buy a US, Canada, Mexico map for the TomTom, big dramas and it took until lunchtime to sort out. This drama started on Saturday afternoon, I had only recieved the thing back from repair Friday arvo and as I was heading to the pub then, I did not get to try the download until then. More detail on this later when I settle down!

I am becoming disillusioned with TomTom, I nearly left the thing here and bought a Garmin Zumo.

But, I eventually downloaded a 2Gb map update and it is on the GPS now, so I hope it all goes well when I land.

Graham and Don were both great people and helped me through this last day and a half.

We had lunch at a pub somewhere and Saab463 dropped in for a chat, so it was good to catch up.

A mad dash through the airport, then I had to reclaim one piece of luggage as I had scissors in my carry on, a no no!!!

Finally managed to sit down and write this up before boarding.

Next stop Sydney then a dash across to the international airport, before the flight to LA.

See ya on the other side of the date line!!!


2 Responses to “Last Day in OZ !!!!”

  1. Jan Ferrari said

    Hello TS, I dont even know your name but have been reading of your adventure from the long ride. How I envy you, you are travelling roads I have only dreamed of. A lot of your photos i have due to trips in the car with my best friend Ann. Re the Nullabor Plains, Tassie and quite a few places up the east coast but in a car not on the bike. It has taken me quite a few days to read your adventure and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I realize you are heading back to Oz now and i have only read your
    OzZie travels but will continue on until your trip is complete. I just wanted to tell you how much i am enjoying your trip and hope to travel those roads myself one day. P.S. your photos are fantastic. Jan.

    • Hi Jan, thanks for reading and I am glad you are enjoying it.

      I hope you have a lot of patience, time and beer as there is a lot of travelling you have yet to read about 🙂

      Cheers Rihard

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