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Archive for October 10th, 2009

Day 306– 10th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 10, 2009

Saturday – Toluca, Mexico

Well, I had a great lay in this morning, I still woke up at my normal time but managed to roll over and get some more sleep for a change 🙂 I eventually wandered down the road looking for brekky but there was not much open for cooked food, but I did find a small shop nearby and bought some stale buns and a bit of fruit, that would do for a while.

I spent a fair bit of time after that trying to get my Mapsource to work with my Garmin. It had had some issues with saving the tracks in a different format, so I uninstalled it and re-installed it, but now it does not recognise my GPS, bummer. I was stumped for a short while until V got out of bed and I burnt a copy of his V4 software. There were still issues, but it was time for lunch, so off we head down to the only place with food, Friday’s. On the way we went for a walk up a certain street that we had been told is quite busy, but maybe not this early in the morning 😉

We decided to try the seafood place and had some tacos, they were small but not bad tasting.

I spent more time in the arvo removing everything of Garmin from my computer, reboot and re-install the software, this worked and it even would save the tracks in the GPX format which I wanted. What it lacked was a function to ‘join all selected tracks’ which I had had before, but once I installed the update, this function now worked, but for some reason I was back to square one when I save the tracks in GPX, as it now shuts the program down, really weird, but I am not stuffing around with it anymore. I had been using a program I downloaded which converts them, so that will do for now.

I spent more time catching up on the blog and late in the arvo we headed up the road for a beer. Now, check out the wording on the hotel sign, we have found out that ‘auto hotel’ basically means where you can park up and get laid 🙂 But, it is also used by young people who live with their parents who want more privacy.

So, we had a great dinner and some more beers and were served by the lovely Letty who is built my size 🙂

It was not a late night at the bar as I still had some catching up to do which I did until about midnight.

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 39,802 miles and 64,055 km



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