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Archive for October 12th, 2009

Day 308 – 12th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 12, 2009

Monday – Ciudad De Mexico,(Mexico City), Mexico

What a day for learning patience and another camera bites the bloody dust!!

Well, I managed to find a ‘power of attorney’ form online that could be filled out and it was even from Queensland, so that was a bonus. I downloaded it and went up to an internet shop to get it printed out, then filled my section in and had that scanned back onto a USB key. Now I needed to find a witness, so I planned on going downtown to the Auzzie embassy which in my case would involve bus and underground. I had no real interest in riding my bike amongst 20 million people, although V decided he would ride down, well each to their own, but we would try and meet up a bit later downtown. A few general shots of the local area before I hopped onto a bus.

The bus ride was an experience and it lasted a long time because by the time I left it was nearly midday and it meant all the schoolies were out. The buses were very frequent though, so that made up for it, nearly one every minute or so. After an hour and a half I finally got to the subway and here was another learning curve, but it turned out it was an easy curve as the signage was excellent and it was very cheap to use, P$2 to go under, that will take you anywhere all day if you want, as long as you stay underground though 🙂 So, after a few changes of lines, I finally got back into daylight and walked the 500m to the embassy, great stuff I thought 🙂

Wrong!!! It is closed between 2 and 3 and it was now 2.20pm, grrrr. The only reason I knew this was because of another Auzzie girl who spoke fluent Spanish, the security guard only speaks Spanish, WTF!! Anyway, there was nothing to do until 3 so off I went to a local Burger King, just so I could use the dunny, but had a drink as well. When I get back and finally find an Auzzie chap who spoke Auzzie, he proceeded to try and help but there was nothing he could do apparently. What I needed was a JP, a lawyer, a commissioner for declarations or a notary public. Now how slack is this, there was no one at our embassy who was even a JP, this meant a wasted journey 😦 We discussed the issue for a bit and eventually he gave me a list of Mexican lawyers who speak English. I had no real time to do this today, so I headed off and was also expecting a phone call from V, I had been loaned Gary’s phone as mine does not work down here. It was raining outside, just to add to my woes and I got pretty soaked by the time I got back to the subway.

I saw a great mural down here and it was straight after taking this photo that I dropped the damm camera.

It had been turned off, but when I picked it up the lens had extended itself and I could no longer use it as it would not go back in. The shock had obviously made it jump out of gear or something, I could still play back on the screen but that was it 😦 V called and I told him I was wet and heading back, he had managed to get into town and find parking, so well done:)

The return home was a repeat of the trip in although it was a tad quicker and I got back around 6pm, so all in all a waste of a day.

We tried to contact a lawyer but of course they were closed, so that would need to be done tomorrow at 9am, then I would plan on being ready to go right away to wherever as I now had an idea of the length of time it takes to get anywhere.

Vincent had managed to get there and back on his bike, without panniers, so that was doable, but not for this little black duck, my city riding would happen when I left to get out of the city 🙂

Ivonne, V and I spent the evening with laptops and chatting while we were given some Spanish tuition until Gary finished work:) More chat afterwards and it was nearly midnight before I crashed out.

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 39,839 miles and 64,115 km



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