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Archive for October 19th, 2009

Day 315 – 19th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 19, 2009

Monday – Cancun, Mexico

I once again got up early and went down for breakfast, here I made a small error 🙂 I did not want an American breakfast, because they are crap, so I ordered a Mexican one instead, this one was just your basic scrambled eggs with sausage meat, or so I thought. Now I need to learn three expressions before ordering food, no beans, no lemon/lime and NO chillies, crikey, I nearly burnt my mouth off! I had to get them to redo it without chilli, it certainly went down a lot easier after that. 🙂

Anyway, as planned I was down at the ruins quite early and was there before most of the tourists and definitely most of the hawkers 🙂 I did not quite beat the sun, but it looked nice where it was 🙂

And finally after all these years, I get to see the pyramid in real life. For those who knew me over the internet over the past ten years or so, they may recognise this as my avatar for years, although I do not have a copy for reference.

Here is a close up of one of the snake heads at the bottom of the steps, the sun’s rays shine over the edge of the steps to the right and shine on the side of the stairway, like in the photo from last night.

From the back, it is no so pretty as there has been major damage and ongoing repairs and excavations, but it is all part of the area, so it goes with the scene.

Here is a cute bald chap and some other buildings around the area 🙂

This shows some of the excavations; it would seem the pyramid goes underground, maybe?

Further down the road was a cenote, these are circular pools and the only source for water around here sometimes. There could be a lot of treasure down there 🙂

And back up past the hawkers which are starting to set up gear, was a skull platform, gory stuff 🙂

Some information for you guys, this was a large place.

And one last shot of El Castillo with the sun well up before heading off back to the aircon motel room for a bit of writing.

Not much to write about for the next few hours, just a ride to the east through some military checkpoints and some straight roads, not stopping at the checkpoints this time 🙂

We stopped at a place called Valadolid for some lunch, well for me anyway, V was not hungry, he was a bit crook, poor bugger! We parked in a dubious spot, but some chicky babe traffic sheila said it was OK for a short time. Now, for lunch I chose something that cannot go wrong, maybe. It was a basic menu, I would like the fried chicken and chips, nothing could go wrong right? No way Jose, this is Mexico after all, it turned up swimming in liquid refried beans, yuck 😦 I had to use some tortillas to hold back the dam!

It ended up being OK, just another thing to add to my list of ‘no thanks’. We got into Cancun late afternoon and found a road closed and massive peak hour traffic jam, this was hard to get through, but eventually we got the job done, then all we needed to do is find the hotel. We had booked online the other day, normally a single room was over $400, we got them for $59, off peak 🙂 It was a posh hotel and used to be called the Hyatt, but no longer, the view from the upgraded room on the fifth floor was excellent 🙂

The downer was that there was no internet with the room cost, it would be an extra $15 a day, BUT, I managed to find a free WiFi hotspot in my room and leached off that, good stuff 🙂 Around sundown after a shower etc we headed down on the bus to a bar zone a few stops away, the first stop was a place I had never been to and to tell the truth never again but it is always good to try something new.

Vincent ordered a Margarita, not quite what he ordered when it arrived and was not wanting his face in the picture either, I still reckon it is a girls drink, I stuck to beer, for the moment 🙂

We headed down for a beer somewhere else where they had this thing about blowing whistles and singing, this is the wait staff I mean, not the customers and this meant we headed back to the Hooters for wings, after looking around the local area, it seemed to cater for drinkers not eaters, but the tourists were at a minimum, no one was around!

Now, excuse the picture, but it struck me as real weird why the men’s dunnies were filled with ice, ice with your drink yes, but with your piss, this was at Hooters?

We had spotted a bar across the road which was offering open drinks for $18, so I of course had to make the attempt, V went back as he was feeling crook still, so I had to do my duty and drink enough to cover the $18. 😆 That was a no brainer, easy for me and clocked up 15 drinks over the next 5 hours and got lost going back to the hotel. But you get that on big jobs 🙂

Day – 142 miles and 229 km
Trip – 41,048 miles and 66,060 km



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