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Archive for January 2nd, 2010

Day 390 – 2nd January 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on January 2, 2010

Saturday – Sucre, Bolivia

We were heading to Sucre today but there was no big hurry as Alana and Mike wanted to do some interviews. In the mean time, I checked out the damage to Gino’s bike, the crash bar worked as it protected the left cylinder head, but it will need replacing. The hand guards are a bit scratched and the same with the rear panniers, but the bike is ridable.

And here is the lucky devil himself, he is a naughty little mouse 🙂 That is an in joke 😉

So, we were all packed up and ready to go, when I noticed a bolt holding my left sub frame was almost unscrewed!! I fixed that pretty damm quick, but it gave me a start as with all the weight on that point, it should never have come out in the first place!

We went out of the city and basically headed in the wrong direction, but we were beaten by the lack of signage. We got to a toll booth and here we had some drama. As we are on bikes we have never needed to stop at any of these and get waved through normally, well this little prick here told us it would cost us $5BoB each and he wanted to see all our drivers licenses, well this was annoying and in fact Graham chucked a spaz, but he was the one that caused some of the issues because he had already ridden through, then he came back and parked the wrong way and blocked the whole line of traffic! Melissa talked to the guy and eventually calmed him down, but he told us to get lost or he would throw us all in jail!

So we finally got going and after a short while we realised we needed to go back the other way as we had missed the turn off, this meant going back through the toll booth, but a nicer chap on this side just waved us through and we could finally start our trip north, this had taken us nearly an hour of frigging around.

As we were riding we spotted a bike coming the other way and it turned out to be Mark, he had been in Sucre for New Year and was now heading to Uyuni, which is a small town near the salt lakes.

The next hour or so was full of great riding, fast sweepers and fantastic views.

This continued and was fun, there was even a castle like bridge across the river, very different 🙂

We eventually arrived in Sucre with the rain just starting and as we had missed lunch the first thing we did was grab some tucker, the only issue here was the fact that there was a group of ‘musicians’ and I use that term advisedly, playing some loud crap type of music under the balcony where we were eating. This was the bad part, the food was great 🙂

After this we booked into a posh hotel and I did not do much except try and catch up again on the blog for the rest of the evening. The tyres had still not arrived, they were in Santa Cruz, a two day ride away and I could not even go visit the shops here until Monday, so I had an early night for a change, without a beer, my liver needs a rest 🙂

Day – 142 miles and 229 km
Trip – 48,079 miles and 77,376 km



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