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Archive for January 22nd, 2010

Day 410– 22nd January 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on January 22, 2010

Friday – Ushuaia, Argentina

Well, today was work day, again, and it started with more blog updates, or at least one before I headed out for some fresh air, and it was brisk but not a bad day for a decko 🙂 That is my hotel, in the 2nd photo, perched up on the hill, the main reason for the cost I guess 😉

So, I walked for ages as I had an address from the chicas at the Irish bar for a motorcycle mechanic. It was about 15 blocks away, but that gave me a chance to look around, basically this place is full on touristville, but I sort of expected that as it is the launch point for the Antarctic! I did find the place mentioned, but he does nothing like what I needed, so he pointed me to another spot on the map, about 30 blocks away, I don’t need that much fresh air thanks very much, so I took a cab 🙂 This bloke could not help with a new chain of the size I needed, but he had oils and stuff, so that was useful to know. He told me about another place and when I found that, the chap called Pablo who owns it, said bring the bike down and he may find a way of fixing it. But, as it was now 1pm, he said he was closed until 4 and then open again until 9pm, so that explains the dinner hours then eh 🙂 So, that is what I ended up doing, riding back there after some more blog work and a nanny nap and proceeded to do an oil change and basically adjust the chain, which is all it really needed. I guess the hard riding made me forget this basic procedure, silly me 😳

Now, I will say here I paid the most I have ever done for oil, this cost me $54 for 3 liters and I supplied the filter. I did the work of course, so in the end I am happy as I know what got done, but it was still about $20 too expensive. Now, on the HUBB, there have been a few comments about this chap and apparently he does charge like a scrub bull, but if you are down here with no help available except him, then he can charge what he wants I guess and he does have the skill and workshop to back it up with! After the cleanup of a minor environmental hazard(the wind blew a lot of the draining oil onto the road) I was on my way to the pinnacle of the day and the trip, head to the national park and get a photo of the End of the Road sign, this is down a dirt road about 20km or so and by now it was raining a bit!

Now, I had it on good advice that it costs to get in, but if you go after 6.30pm they ticket sellers are gone and you can sneak in around the barriers. Well, sorry Beemerbird, that must have been when the sun was not so high in the sky when you were there, they were still there and very active tonight and wanted $50pesos, or about $15 😦 I figured if I was going to have to pay to get in I would want to see it during the day when the sun was maybe out, not a cold drizzly evening, so I headed back to town and decided I would do it tomorrow 🙂 First stop after parking the bike was the Irish bar in town, I was maybe going to meet up with Juliebunny, a kiwi with her hubby riding a broken BMW and they had been stuck here for a while now trying to get the brakes repaired.

Well, I had a few lonely beers and a feed before Scott turned up and said there is another Irish bar up the road, so we ended up going there, this is supposed to be the first Irish pub in town, more walking though!

But, this was the right one, across from a hostel and Julie did turn up for a quick chat before having to return to a dinner party. But, the bar here was a lot more lively and the crowd was a lot younger as well 🙂 In fact this place rocked, and a ship load of tourists turned up after 21 days down at the Antarctic, so they were having a party as well 🙂 I even met a mad Aussie chica from Mackay, sorry forgot your name, but she was as mad as a cut snake 🙂

I even found someone shorter than me, that is quite hard to do, but Little John was a funny chap from pommy land, G’day m8 🙂

And here is me and R2D2

And don’t forget the local chicas and Red from NZ

What can I say, but I outdid myself this evening and it was a 4am stumble home, what a fun night, tomorrow looks to be a washout though, or is that today 😉

Day – 6 miles and 10 km
Trip – 52,068 miles and 83,796 km



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