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Archive for August 30th, 2008

Day 12 – 30th August

Posted by TravellingStrom on August 30, 2008

First thing after breaky I slipped up to the local library to check out internet, not cheap!! $8/hr, but it was broadband and the upload speed was good so I managed to upload all photos and do a few other things in the one hour. I can’t seem to find any loose networks around, never mind.

I bumped into these two GS riders just outside. They were on a few weeks safari and heading back to Brisbane, but first going to Karumba, just up the road. They were also sticking to the blacktop, bikes were too heavy

Next I went to get some photos of the life size model of the largest saltwater croc ever caught in OZ. It was just down the street

Apparently, according to some locals as well as long time tourists who come up every year, there is a bigger one than this about 6km upstream, but is very nervous of boats and gunshots. They could all be spinning a yarn, but it is probably true, there is a lot of feed up here.

These signs are everywhere near water up here and the two in the boat have been coming up here every year for 30 years and have seen the big fella

This is the old bridge, it has been blocked off, shade and seats installed as well as rod holders along its length for fishers. At each end it has a fish cleaning table, a BBQ, bins etc, very well laid out.

The I choofed off to the railway station

it is where the Gulflander lives. This train only goes between Croyden and Normanton, but today it was just a small trip to Critters Camp, about 80km back east. I did not bother as I had been past all that territory yesterday and it was hot dry and empty 🙂

They had semi tame Brolgas outside well used to posing

They also had a small museum where I saw this old advert, crikey that brings back memories of Jaffa rolling when I was a kid 🙂

I spotted this Willy Willy (dust devil) nearly obscuring the Albion Hotel on the way back

Then saw this at the Purple Pub, the governments new tax certainly makes a slab of bundy very dear

It was now hot, so after buying some lunch and a few soft drinks spent the arvo beside the pool. Later in the day, I went up to the Albion, it was certainly more entertaining than the PP, then walked the 1 1/2km down to the footy ground where the local ‘Stingers’ were playing Hughenden in the grand final, they kicked arse, about 60-12 from memory. Here are some badly lit shots

Before doing the return to the Albion, this shot is about how I was feeling 🙂

The whole town nearly turned up here, both footy teams as well, so a number of beers and rums were drunk and plenty of use made of this

It was a late night as you can imagine 🙂

Day – 5km
Trip – 3383km

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