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Archive for September 13th, 2008

Day 26 – 13th September

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 13, 2008

I woke up early surprisingly, but not as early as old matey riding the VStar next door. I had seen the bike late yesterday and it had a Ulysses sticker on the shield, but never saw the rider. A bit of a shame really as he left me a present, it was a 5lt fuel container 🙂 empty 😉 I felt bad though as I had nowhere to strap it safely and I really had no need of it, so I just left it there, I am sure someone will make use of it.
After fuelling up I noticed that my Tire Watch display was cactus!

I had noticed yesterday after picking up the bike, it had gone into calibration mode, but thought nothing of it. I pushed a few buttons down the road and it seemed to get to an ID stage then popped back up but all changed, like it had gone back to presets! I did not have the instruction sheet so I tried to wing it but I picked the wrong values. The thing was now reading in BAR and the lower and upper limits were wrong, so it was giving me ICE warnings, crikey I could do with some ice about now, it was starting to warm up.

Katherine is pretty much where is says Emungalan, not sure if it is an aboriginal spelling, or googlemaps just missed the town name. I headed first off for Timber Creek. I was unsure on how hot it would be and whether I could go very far. There was landscape and it was not flat for a change.

I pulled over a few times for rest stops, here was a nice river in the middle of nowhere, near the Victoria River

Then I started to see the distinctive Boab trees, very alien design these things, weird but great to look at for some reason, they are huge as well

This here is a monument to the great beef road, I cannot tell you anything more about it because there was nothing documented there

Fuelled up at Timber Creek but there was nothing there, so I decided to continue to Kununurra, it was just a grind, but I kept the fluids up and stopped for 10 minutes every so often. Finally I arrived in Western Australia about 50km before Kununurra

This is a quarantine check point, it is to stop fruit fly and other pests from entering the Kununurra region, and you have to dump all fruit and vegies at this point.

I finally arrived around 1.30pm and went to the town caravan park, which just happens to be around the corner from a pub 🙂
After a bit of a kip and a rest I wandered down the bar at 4.30pm, I figured I could have some coldies while watching the footy. I met up with a chap called Cam, a local and watched the game with him, he was a Sharks supporter, they won, so did Manley afterwards. Because of the time difference between the east coast and here of 2 hours, all the games were on early. Needless to say after a number of ales it was early to bed, ear plugs in as well.

Day – 529km
Trip – 7027km
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