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Archive for September 29th, 2008

Day 42 – 29th September

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 29, 2008

After breakfast and before going to the Maritime museum, which would take a lot of time, I decided I would go on a pilgrimage first. I had forgotten but was reminded about the fact that Bon Scott had been laid to rest here. He was the lead singer of ACDC and they had always been one of my favourite groups from way back. I went to the Cemetery on the corner of Carrington St and the Leach Highway but the cafe was closed, which according to Greg had directions to the grave site, hmmm, but it was around the north western corner. I rode around and even asked a chap in a car, he was also looking for it. After a bit of a run around asking and receiving wrong directions, I just parked my bike and decided to have a look around, I had no idea what I was looking for, but almost straight away, I found this seat 🙂

And of course the Bon’s grave was right there as well, so I paid my respects, but you can see where the vandals had been here 😦

And for those others who also have a hard time finding it, it is in the Garden of Remembrance GN3 and I have placed a black dot on the map for you. That ‘You are here’ is next to the cafe in the car park.

Then it was off to put the bike away and a short 1km stroll down to a free bus service right to the museum, where I got lucky as I paid for the submarine tour which started in 5 minutes. The Oberon class subs have all been decommissioned and this one, the HMAS Ovens has been kept whole for the museum. It was an interesting tour and it really showed what conditions were like and the space that was not available.

Check out this cell, it is just one of 224 cells that comprise the battery and each cell weighs ½ a ton, there are two batteries on board and , it is quite large and about 5ft tall.

Then it was just a pleasant few hours checking out all the displays, but the main thing I wanted to see was Australia II, which is the famous yacht that won the Americas Cup in 1983, with the winged keel.

And there was a lot of history here of course, including this yacht that completed a triple round the world trip. The boat is mounted replicating a large wave that nearly swamped him around the Cape Horn

And they even included an old Holden shagging wagon as it was part of the sea culture, namely surfing. It even had a sticker on it saying, “If this is rocking, don’t bother knocking” and as you got close to it started to rock up and down, including squeaky suspension. I used to have a HK model of these.

There was a lot about the whaling industry of course.

And of course, it was right next to the wharfs.

I wandered around town for a bit, but after a while I could feel I was developing blisters so I chuffed off back to Ed’s Bar. I had noticed this sign in the dunnies and this is for Broomey back home, I think he missed the event though, but he used to drink a lot of CC.

I had a quiet evening chatting with the barman Rob and a local chap Sean and as it was a Sunday and it was slow, they closed at 8pm.

Day – 20km
Trip – 13,914km
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