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Archive for September 30th, 2008

Day 43 – 30th September

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 30, 2008

I had a lazy start because I needed to wait until the bike shops were open to find out about tyres. In the end I chose Tyres For Bikes in Victoria Park as they had a rear Metzler Tourance fitted for $249. I headed off, but first took a few photos of things I had seen, the first is a boat storage yard, quite impressive seeing the forklifts handling these boats.

And these bronze statues of the Migrant getting off the ship, I am not sure what the dog is doing, either bailing him up, or welcoming him 🙂

Then off on another pilgrimage. During the wrong directions to Bon Scott’s grave I had been told about this bronze statue, so I rode around asking people, but it was down near the water front somewhere. Eventually I found the tourist information centre. It seems the statue is not erected yet, they have only just found where it is to be permanently stood. So, it is being housed in the studio where it was cast, until the base has been made. So, if you are looking for it, it is in the J shed, suite two down near Slip St opposite the TAFE college.

I was glad I managed to find it, it was quite impressive, it should look good on the base. I then went to get my tyre fitted and after that tried to find some internet. That is hard to do, I went to 3 places over the next hour or so, all closed up and the Library would not let me use theirs unless I was a resident and joined, which I could not do as I had no local address 😦 I was also trying to catch up with Murray, my sisters partner, but his phone was off or no credit. After a few hours wandering around in the crappy Perth traffic, I headed back to Freo, where although I could not use my laptop, I could use internet for mail etc. I had been sent an SMS from Greg (The Hack) saying as the rain was set in for a few days I could stay at his place. I also saw a post from GlennT about staying down his way in Dardanup, a few hours south. In the end I continued riding and went south as I had been in Freo for 3 days now, but many thanks for the offer Greg.

So I headed off in the rain, but I was happy because I had just bought some brand new waterproof gloves and some over boots and could try them out, and eventually arrived at the Dardanup Tavern where this young fellow was quite interested in the bike and my travels etc, his dad rides a Ducati, his name was Jarrod I found out later. I had a beer or two while waiting for Glenn to finish work. But he soon joined me for an ale or two 🙂

Then we went back to his place where I met his wife Terri and we had a great meal and he even had Bundy, black label 🙂 Many drinks were consumed while we chatted and a late night happened 🙂

Day – 311km
Trip – 14,225km

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