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Archive for May 21st, 2009

Day 164 – 21st May 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 21, 2009

Thursday – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Another lazy day today as I had until after lunch before I expected to get any news on my tyre. So, I lounged around and just basically had a rest. I maybe could have gone for a ride somewhere, but I did not feel like challenging the insurance company if I had a prang. I actually enjoyed doing bugger all for a change 🙂 As it was gone 11am, I had to book in for another night, but this time I had to pay, but hey, no worries and still thanks anyway 🙂

As it was I got the phone a call around 2.30pm, the tyre has arrived and I quickly headed to a small place called Gateway, up near the Missouri border and subsequently met Larry and his missus and had the new tyre fitted.

Of course I mentioned the price the other day, but by the time you add on tax and tyre disposal it was a bit more. They also had quite a lot of parts and things in the shop, so I ended up grabbing another oil filter as a spare, as I had used my last spare one in Roswell. I also bought a great little gadget, it attaches to your normal helmet strap loops and turns it into a quick release buckle, very neat 🙂 The tyre was a different size and type and was a bit taller in profile, but nothing too dramatic, hopefully it will better in the long run.

So, now I needed to get a few miles on the tyre just to scrub it in. It was 4.30pm by now and I decided to go get that photo I missed the other day 🙂

Which of course also meant I got the opposite one as well 🙂

Basically it was just a short loop up in Missouri though some of the back roads, but they were fun, although I did not push the limits just yet.

I eventually ended up here, it would be a good name for a song! On 2nd thoughts, nah, it would never get off the ground 🙂

Then I started to get caught in traffic, so rather than head further out I headed back to town. Once amongst the windy roads, there are few and far places to pass cars and they do NOT let anyone pass and with oncoming it also makes it difficult.

So, I dropped back into the Lumberyard for a quick beer and said G’day to Mary and Guide again. I liked the sign above the bar and also one of the things that Guide makes in his spare time, apparently the Razorbacks are the states team name in everything.

After 2 beers I headed back to the motel for dinner, another Sub and bought some rum for a change and had a quiet night reading and watching the weather report, rain tomorrow probably by the looks.

Day – 72 miles and 116 km
Trip – 9,782 miles and 15,743 km


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