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Day 432 – 13th February 2010

Posted by TravellingStrom on February 13, 2010

Saturday – DakarMotos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not a lot happening today, tea and a chat in the back yard for ages seems to be the thing to do on a Saturday morning 🙂

The one thing I needed to do was organise a plane ticket out of here. With the bike gone and the money in hand and a new credit card, it should be easy. I did some more searching online but could not find any cheaper flights, so I contacted the dude at the travel agency again and he said the earliest flight was next Friday 😦 Also he closed at 2pm, so I had to get my skates on to get down there! This was achieved with 10 minutes to spare, after 10 blocks walk, train ride, subway ride and another 10 block walk! The deal was done and it looks like I was on a milk run to LA via Peru and El Salvadore with many hours wait between planes, oh well, as long as I get out of here 🙂 The only bad part of this was all the shops were now closed,(siesta) and he wanted a copy of my passport and mastercard, so I was told to come back Monday. I did have the electronic ticket though and this was enough he assured me. His English was bad and my Arg is bad, so I hoped this was correct!

Tonight was Carol and Kens turn to cook. We had come to an agreement that with so many people trying to cook in the small kitchen, we would take turns, this would allow the heat to dissipate and those sleeping inside would not then be in a sauna!

After this Myself Ken and Carol decided to head out to a Carnival night, there seemed to be a lot of them around in different parts of the city. The main carnival as most people know is in Rio, but we thought we may get to see a smaller version of street dancing and Drums and Bums, Carol was interested in the first and Ken and I the second 🙂 Well, we got there around 9pm after the early meal and as it turns out it was just a family thing, with lots of kids dancing and most of them had cans of spray foam which went everywhere, very messy but they seemed to be having fun 🙂

It was not really our cup of tea and the mossies were ferocious, we were doing the German slap dance just standing there! We did not stay long as what we were hoping to see was not available, but here is a sneak preview, I know Photobucket will kill these soon, so be quick.

So, we returned for a few beers and a chat, but for me an early night as I was tired after nearly two weeks of late nights!

Day –0 miles and km
Trip – 54,042 miles and 86,972 km



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6 Responses to “Day 432 – 13th February 2010”

  1. beastie said


  2. ybg said

    Damn, photo bucket is quick with the scissors.

  3. Ted Rees said

    Pictures of Ancient Ruins are nice but not as nice as “Sugar & Spice”! Well captured TS, see you in Albany.

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