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London to Bury

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 26, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Well, it was a lazy sort of day today, caught up on a few things I needed to do online, then headed over to see cousin Neil. He works in London but is on extended leave to look after the bub. So, off into the underground again until Liverpool St station and a change. I was going to leave my bag here in a locker, but all lockers have been removed, probably to stop all those spies swapping paperwork I reckon, and they only have a valet style service, so I did not bother. It was only a short walk down the canal path to his flat and so I had a good old chat, we had not met since we were ankle biters. There was a lock system in place down below in the canal and I even saw some large fish, but I could see spots on them so maybe not edible.

After a an hour or so I had to leave as they were off to a birthday party and I was off to meet up with Mark for lunch, nice to have met you again Neil, come on down any time 🙂 Mark works near Liverpool st station and around here are more places to choose to eat than you can poke a stick at!! We picked a Thai place and we both ended up choosing the same meal, spicy prawns and pineapple with rice, and it was served up in the actual pineapple, way cool 🙂

After lunch it was farewell time again, see you next time Mark, have fun in Dublin thanks for the bed 😉 You never know, I might even see you over there in a few days. Next step for me was the train back to Bury, with a bit of a wait before heading off and another long wait at Ipswich for the change of train, but I was back in time for dinner 🙂

After a nice dinner of chicken and dumplings, a bit of TV time watching some comedy and just relaxing, then an oldie but a goodie, Mad Max II 🙂

Cheers from Bury St Edmunds

2 Responses to “London to Bury”

  1. Tombstone said

    Hey Richard,
    I visited Bury St Edmunds a few years ago, and had a great time! Did you go to the Peanut Pub? (I think that is the name….) As I remember they said it was the smallest pub in England.
    Ride safe,

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