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Time For A Ride

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 27, 2012

Mayan Prophecy Countdown

Well, today I decided to go for a ride, it has been over 5 days, better get the beast a warm up lap. I had been trying to work out some contacts of people I had still not caught up with, but it all got too hard, so it was time to relax šŸ™‚ I picked a direction and went looking for some caches. The country roads out here are fun, a bit slow through all the villages, but I am in no hurry for a change šŸ™‚ The first cache I had picked was called A Hole in the Wall and to get to it I had to walk through a hole in the wall, of course, but also through a field of stinging nettles, no worries, the riding gear was up to the challenge!!

I did find the treasure though, šŸ™‚ As it was nearly 1pm my stomach told me I was hungry, so although I looked for a fish and chip shop as I rode on, I could not find one, I instead found a chook shop and had BBQ ribs and chook and chips, not bad at all šŸ™‚

Then I covered a few more miles to an easy drive by cache near a farm stay place. I like the ones that involve no walking better, that way I can keep an eye on my bike and the gear on it. Sometimes though, in the middle of nowhere like the previous one, you can take a chance nobody will come past. But, like I said, this was an easy park and find šŸ™‚

Then off again and more tight winding country lanes where it pays to always be aware, as can be seen in this little clip.

There are quite a few small villages to get through, and watch out for ducks and old people, I wonder which ones give you more points? A bit of Carmegeddon

Then as I was in the neighbourhood, I decided I would drop in on some people I knew when I was backpacking Europe in 86. I had got a job to make some money so I could continue travelling and it was in a village called Burwell at a TV repair shop. I stayed in a caravan at the park here and my local was the Fox Hotel and a Tonya and Tony worked the pub of Tonya’s parents, marrying into a pub, what a life eh!!! I used to have their contact details, but that diary went missing years ago. Tony was a ships captain and was always in the gulf moving oil around the place. Anyway, after a few faulty directions I found the pub(it was not mentioned in my GPS at all?) I had gone past the place I worked, but it was now a real estate agents. There was an old chap there in the pub who knew of T&T but the pub had been under new owners for ages. I then went around to the house but nobody was home, bit of a bummer, so I left a card.

Then I hit the road again and this time through the horse racing town of Newmarket, this town has a fortune walking around on four legs, although at this time of the day, there was no action up on the heath where they do their exercise.

Some more tight narrow hedge lined rural roads as I continued on at a slower pace. Also around these parts you can find many thatched roofs, which I reckon look real cool, but Paul, being a copper hates them, because they dry out and cause house fires, so there you go, keep your roof wet.

After that as it was getting late I headed home, well not my home, but the place I was laying my head šŸ™‚ It looked like next weekend would be a real good time to be out of the town, the Olympic torch relay is coming here! And, of course I want to be well away from this country while that stuff happens, not a fan at all. But, tonight was BBQ night and we had all manner of snags, not a bad one amongst them, nor the beer šŸ™‚

After dinner it was time to watch the first semi final with a few beers, between Spain and Portugal. This was quite an action filled game, but nil all, even after extra time, so once again it was down to luck and the penalty shoot out, Spain wins and goes into the final. It was not a late night as tomorrow I was heading back to London, this time on the bike and hopefully pick up my China visa. I had been trying to contact my cousin Louise, but had no luck at this stage. I was hoping to swing past their place after London and on my way west, we shall see what the morrow brings šŸ™‚

Cheers from

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