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Day 5 – 23rd August

Posted by TravellingStrom on August 23, 2008

I had been back a few days and stayed with Des but Saturday I was on the road. Not far though, just up to a mates place in Smithfield about 15km away. But, I could not get there till late arvo as he was working. No worries, after a chat at Wayne Lennards Motorcycles I headed off, decided to go west and north for a run, I had brand new TKC80s to run in.

Here is a view from the Kuranda range

And a few action shots of the twisties, I took it reasonabley easy as I was on knobbies, fresh ones with a full load on the back.

Then some open plain out around the Mareeba area. It was good to get back onto open road, I had missed the bike, it even took a while to start after 2 weeks sitting. The battery was fine but the fuel must have dried up somehow. Anyway it is fine now.

The coast road back from Port Douglas

Before catching up with my old school m8 Byron, we had not seen each other properly since school, that is him on the right with his work partner Chris on the left. They made me wear this silly marmulka or something like that 🙂

Many beers and rums were had before crashing around 1.30am 🙂 Check out the beer fridge in the background 🙂

Day – 270km
Trip – 1843km
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