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Archive for October 4th, 2008

Day 47 – October 4th

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 4, 2008

This will be a quick day to write up. I was on the road early because it was raining again and bloody freezing and of course windy, just to put the icing on 😦 I was planning on Esperance as my goal, but just to see what the weather was like. It was not that far really.

The ride was boring, cold and windy and the temp never got into double figures. I clocked up all the sixes on the bike 🙂 Nothing bad happened

During a warmish spell, I copped another bee strike, this time he was deflected by my sunnies and left the sting behind but missed me luckily, I should have realised all this Canola around is a haven for them!

Mind you I did not see it until a lot later when I pulled up on a side road to have some lunch, it was right up above my eye near the top of the helmet.

I got into Esperance around 3pm and it started to rain again. This place is famous for all its beaches, but considering the weather, I gave it a miss and headed north.

I arrived in Norseman and went to the Info shop and found out where the caravan park was. A highway patrol copper was there and we had a chat, I even got a close up look at the Tazer, not close up and personal though 🙂 I was trying to find a place that would show the Rugby League Grand Final live the following day. After a few phone calls it seems most of the roadhouses across the Nullabor would have it available, but I would need to check to see if I could watch it.
So, after setting up camp I had a few beers up the pub before taking a few back and sat in the BBQ area with the laptop, when it started to rain, horizontal at about 40knots, I went into the enclosed kitchen and sat it out for a while. When I did go back to the tent I had forgotten to close my pannier lids, top box and tent 😦 Wet everywhere and cold, brrrr. And I had to add extra pegs in the rain because of the wind. I had recieved a few SMS from Lesly and Jim, they just arrived in Albany, cold wet and a cyclone weather, they stayed in a motel, glad I left there.

Let us just say it was not a good night, although I was warm in the sleeping bag with all my clothes on. I went to sleep early as I wanted an early start and it would be a bad day across the paddock (Nullarbor Plain) with the cross wind, so I had been told.

Day – 696km
Trip – 15,764km

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